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Living in Bali, Indonesia

Graeme Swift: Why I Live in… Bali

For now circumstance dictates that Graeme Swift spends only half the year in Bali with his Balinese wife and their son. Between them they manage their holiday villa rental business while Graeme also works in the UK as a freelance business English teacher. Eventually hoping to cut all ties with the UK to retire and live full time on the island, he talks to us about his life in Indonesia. Read More
Living in Madrid

Francesca Luke: Why I Live in… Madrid

Since she was a child Francesca Luke has dreamt of living in a sunny Mediterranean country and fulfilled that ambition when she moved to Madrid to work as an English Teacher. She tell us more about her life in the Spanish capital and also how the company she co-founded can help you to live with a Spanish family in Madrid, working as an English Language Assistant.Read More
Freiburg, Germany

Ali Garland: Why I Live in Freiburg

A while back we received a tweet from Ali Garland asking if we knew of any job opportunities in Freiburg. We didn’t but suggested she talk to one of our previous interviewees for this column, Andrew Couch of Grounded Traveler. Unknown to us, and as she explains below, Andrew was the reason why she was looking for work in Germany. Read More