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Photos of People Taking Photos of… Songkran

It can be a gamble whipping out your camera or phone during Songkran but these people were prepared to risk the ruination of their photography equipment to capture the watery madness that is New Year in Thailand. We in turn jeopardised damaging our third camera in Southeast Asia to photograph them doing so.Read More
Celebrating Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photos of Songkran 2017, Chiang Mai

We have mixed feelings about Songkran, in that one of us loves charging about town squirting water into the faces of old women and children, while the other loathes it and won’t venture outside for the duration.Read More
Festival Job Competion

Win a Summer Job With Generator Hostels

Generator’s Summer of Festivals is back for a second year. They are offering the chance to win a job as their Summer of Festivals Reporter and spend the summer travelling around Europe covering music festivals and documenting them on Generator’s blog and social channels.Read More
UK Festivals in 2015

Be There or be Square: 5 Festivals You MUST go to

There’s a festival out there now for everyone and everything, from cheese rolling to high-end fashion to conventions celebrating everything geeky. So which ones should you be putting in your diary this year and waking up at 6am on ticket sale day to get into? These are five festivals you absolutely must go to!Read More
Festival volunteering and work experience in Croatia with Outlook

Festival Volunteer Work and Work Experience in Croatia

Applications for volunteering with Croatia’s Outlook Festival are now open. In return for helping out volunteers will receive a free festival ticket (normally £140), food tokens and four nights’ refunded camping.Read More
Songkran in Luang Prabang, Laos

Tips for Enjoying Songkran

You’re armed to the teeth with the biggest water gun you could find and ready for some watery mayhem but want to make the most of what might be a once in life time experience. The great thing about Songkran is it is for everyone: young and old, male or female, Thai or tourist, everyone has a laugh and enjoys themselves. Here is our guide to the polite mayhem Thais call Songkran. Read More
Songkran in Chiang Mai

Where to Celebrate Songkran in Thailand? (or Laos or Myanmar)

For myself and most other farang Songkran is about running around town assaulting old women and children - and everyone in between - with the biggest water gun money can buy. Read More
Rocket Festival in Don Det, Laos

Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival in Don Det, Laos

After the mayhem of Songkran I started to look around for another crazy festival to attend and the rocket festival celebrated by Lao peoples in Laos and northeastern Thailand fitted the bill perfectly.Read More
Songkran. Chiang Mai. Thailand

Photos of Songkran 2013 in Chiang Mai

If you have kept up with our Facebook updates you will know we have spent the past few days charging around Chiang Mai with a water gun, randomly or deliberately squirting people - young and old alike - in the face.Read More
A water gun for Songkran. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Preparing for Songkran

I’m sitting in a pink towel (actually, it’s puce; yes, definitely puce) listening to the whoops and cheers as our neighbours soak each other and passing scooters with water. On the bed are laid out various items of clothing. What does one choose from our limited wardrobe for charging about town like a maniac squirting people in the face?Read More