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Poi Sang Long Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Poi Sang Long Festival Chiang Mai

In April the thoughts of most visitors to Chiang Mai are focused on the upcoming Songkran celebrations with arrivals timed to bloat the city’s populace in the days in and around the middle of the month. Earlier arrivals though will not only have the opportunity to bag their accommodation before prices rise but also to witness the under the rader Poi Sang Long Festival. Read More
Burning Man Festival. Nevada, USA

The Festival A list

Ancient or modern, film, books, arts, religious, comedy, beer or music, today is festival day. Somewhere in the world a town or city is celebrating one of the many thousands of events that make up the social fabric of the varied communities that inhabit this planet.Read More
Volunteer Work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A Week in Edinburgh – Volunteer & Temporary Jobs at the Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh has gained worldwide renown for the large number of events that congregate under the banner of the Edinburgh Festival. While putting on your own show is a great way to be at the heart of the festival, another option is to find a temporary position or, much easier, volunteer to work at the festival.Read More
Corpus Christi in Cusco, Peru

A Week in Cusco – Saints and Sinners at the Feast of Corpus Christi

I didn’t sleep through every major festival in Cusco. The feast of Corpus Christi celebrates the body of Christ and events are held around the world by some Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran Churches. Read More
Festival in Cusco

A Week in Cusco – The Story Behind the Photo: The Festival of the Sun

Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, was a celebration of the winter solstice and a way to greet the new year in the southern hemisphere. Dedicated to the sun god, Inti, the ceremony was the most important in the Incan calendar.Read More
The A to Z of Gap Year Travel

The A to Z of Gap Year Travel

If rumours of the gap year’s demise are true then this post will go mostly unread as students instead forego a break between A levels and university to avoid the rise in tuition fees. Plenty though will either worry about the financial hangover later or consider a year out a worthwhile investment in their future.Read More