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Volunteer work exchange programme in Corfu, Greece

Hostel Work Exchange in Corfu

We were once enticed over to Pelekas from our then Corfu Town residence with the offer of a free lunch and some wine by one of Sunrock Backpackers Hostel’s former volunteers and are glad to see this backpacker resort is still welcoming volunteer staff. Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Corfu, Greece

A travel photo of a war memorial in Corfu Town, Greece.Read More
Articles on working and volunteering worldwide

Workers of the World #6

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Thessaloniki, Greece

A travel photo of a statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki, Greece.Read More
Paxos, Greek Islands

Two unspoilt Greek islands

One of the hardest things about going on holiday to Greece is deciding where to go. So many islands and so little time! But before you don a blindfold and stick a pin in an atlas, have a look at our pick of two of the most unspoilt Greek islands of them all – Skopelos and Paxos.Read More

The Anatomy of a Working Traveller

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, and other parts of the body that are quite useful when looking for a job abroad.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Kos, Greece

A photo of Kos, Greece.Read More
Staying in Corfu

Traveller Hangouts: Corfu Town, Greece

An attractive town, the capital of the island is a mixture of Venetian colonial architecture with English and French influences. Read More
Fruit Picking Jobs Worldwide

Summer 2010 Fruit Picking Work Round up

For skint travellers, with (or without) work visas, willing to work harder than I did thinking up the following pun here is our pick of the crops for summer 2010.Read More
The Liston, Corfu Town, Greece

6. Working Again

Hello, we started working again and relaunched the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, our monthly newsletter of job vacancies around the globe. A number of events - including family illness and bereavement, homelessness, and some serious computer, server and connection problems - knocked us a little bit wobbly and it took some time to get reorganised.Read More