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Bad Working Abroad Experiences

3onFriday: 3 Bad Working Abroad Experiences

Travel blogs and websites tend to make travelling out as an always great experience, emphasising the wonders of the world and neglecting the negative. We are no less guilty in our working abroad niche so here are some horror stories for Friday the 13th. Read More
House and Pet Sitting

3onFriday: 3 More Blogs and Websites by House Sitters

This house sitting malarkey seems to be catching on. Following on from the seven house sitters we featured back in May, we have found another three bloggers who like to extol the virtues of house sitting. Read More
House and Pet Sitting Blogs

7 Blogs and Websites by House and Pet Sitters

Want to house sit but don’t know where to start, what it is like and how to get one? That’s not a problem. Perhaps stemming perhaps from having little to do but give Tiddles his dinner combined with comfortable surrounds conducive to writing, house sitters are among the more vocal group of working travellers.Read More
House sitter looking after a dog

House Sitting 101 Part 2 – Become a House Sitter

Rachel Martin runs Trusted Housesitters alongside her partner Andy. Running a house sitting website gives her a bird’s eye view of the world of house sitting as well as insights into what works and what doesn’t when applying for a housesit. Here’s a few of her top tips.Read More
House and pet sitting

House Sitting 101 – 3 Tips to Get Started in House Sitting

If you’re travelling – or planning to go travelling – and you haven’t heard about house sitting, where have you been hiding? This is part one of a two post series by James Cave of about house sitting. Read More