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Expat living and working in La Garde, France

Annie Andre: Why I Live in… La Garde

Born in Thailand to a Thai mother and French Canadian Father, Annie Andre is a seasoned world traveller currently living in the south of France with her husband and three kids. We talked to her about soaking in French culture, her personal and financial goals and how she came to be living in the small French town of La Garde. Read More
Living and working in Bogota, Colombia

Natalie Southwick: Why I Live in… Bogotá

The first time Natalie Southwick visited Latin America was when she travelled to Costa Rica at the age of 14. She has been returning to the region ever since, making stops in eight countries so far, until she finally found “the one” when she moved to Bogotá in January 2012. She’s stayed in Colombia since then, trying to convince as many people as possible to pay her to write and keep living there.Read More
Living in Barcelona, Spain

Jessica Bowler: Why I Live in… Barcelona

24 year old British-American girl Jessica Bowler answers our questions on living in Barcelona. She works as a translator and freelance travel journalist, and blogs at Hola Yessica, which is named after how people in Spain pronounce her name. Read More
Living in Sapa, Vietnam

Peter Gilbert: Why I Live in… Sapa

In 2010 Peter Gilbert was just passing through Sapa, a hill town in the north of Vietnam, on the way to Laos when he heard about an organisation dedicating itself to improving the literacy of local children. Initially he volunteered for three months as an English teacher with Sapa O’Chau but after a short visit home to Sheffield, and a winter season working in Japan, he returned to continue helping with the project. Read More
Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vivi Rathbon: Why I Live in… Buenos Aires

Vivi Rathbon is a Buenos Aires expat, truly in love with the magical city of Buenos Aires, which she has had the pleasure of residing in for the past three years. She took some time out from running her expat themed website,, to talk about expatriated life in Buenos Aires.Read More
Living in Seoul, South Korea

Sarah Shaw: Why I Live in… Seoul

A travel writer and artist, Sarah Shaw is currently enjoying her last remaining months as an expat in South Korea. She’s originally from Maine, but throughout the past six years has lived on four different continents, and spends her days getting lost, petting stray cats and embarrassing herself in foreign languages.Read More
La Paz, Bolivia

Rosanna Bird: Why I Live in… La Paz

Describing herself as a serial expat, Rosanna Bird had already done stints abroad in Romania, South Korea and Taiwan before she and her boyfriend decided on an impermanent move to Bolivia. Beginning in January 2012, with a flight to Brazil, they zig-zagged through Argentina, Uruguay and Chile before their current extended stop in La Paz.Read More
Chicago, USA

Pola Henderson: Why I Live in… Chicago

Pola Henderson was less than three years old when she first travelled long distance and has been fond of jetting around ever since. She started blogging in 2010 and currently juggles her passion for globetrotting with a day job in marketing communication.Read More
Bolivian Flag in La Paz

#RTWsoon: Brendon Vince

Brendon Vince is currently in Guatemala but when we spoke to him he was in the last stages of planning his exit from Montreal, where he had for the past two years been working in the video games industry. A 26 year old Australian and self confessed nerd, Brendon caught the travel bug while travelling throughout the US and Canada and more recently got his first taste of backpacking and hostel life when he was in Los Angeles and San Francisco for a week.Read More
Tour Group

WorldWideWorker: Caitlyn O’Dowd, Tour Guide

Five years after cramming her life into a backpack and leaving Australia to visit all the world's Olympic sites, Caitlyn O’Dowd divides her life between working as a tour guide and living off season in the Netherlands.Read More