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The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A Week in Amsterdam – Amsterdam: Museum City

Famous for its gorgeous canals, historic buildings, museums and liberal attitude, Amsterdam has lots to offer any visitor. And, the best part is, the city is very compact, making it ideal to explore on foot.Read More
The Yavari Project. Puno, Peru

The Yavari Project, Puno, Peru

Built on the Thames in 1861 the steamship was cut into 2,766 pieces. It took six years for the SS Yavari to be transported by mule across the mountains to the lake where it was reassembled and put into service two miles above sea level.Read More
Coca Museum La Paz

Powder Finger up the Nose

Let me begin by saying I've never wanted to be chained to a mirror and a razor blade. Put me in a bathroom with the shiniest, buffed mirror, accompanied by the most sparkling razor, and I still shake my head to refuse a blast of Bolivian marching powder.Read More