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Free tickets to music festivals

Volunteering for Europe’s Lesser Known Music Festivals

From a rave in an abandoned Polish coalmine to bonfires and bunting in the Bulgarian mountains, The Guardian newspaper recently put together a ten strong list of the best music festivals you may never have heard of. As always when we hear the words music festival we thought of free tickets and how to get some by volunteering.Read More
Work exchanges with husky dogs

4 Workaway Volunteer Exchanges With Huskies

With Christmas on the way thoughts often turn to going somewhere hot for the winter but why not embrace the bad weather and go somewhere that does the holiday season properly? Here are a four projects to enjoy snow as it should be enjoyed and where, of course, dog lovers need only apply.Read More
Volunteer work at Festivals

5 European Festivals to Volunteer at this Summer

Typically the rewards of volunteering at a festival are a free ticket and better camping away from the common riff raff that paid to get in.Read More