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Work exchange volunteer work for gardeners

5 Help Exchange Volunteer Projects for Gardeners

If you think the carrot has mystery, (though not so much that flowers are essentially tarts; prostitutes for the bees), then we have five help exchanges – ranging from stately homes to alternative lifestyles - for green fingered volunteers.Read More
Work exchange volunteer jobs in backpacker hostels

Hostel Jobs Worldwide: 347 Hostels & Guest Houses Open to Volunteer Work Exchanges – Part 1: Europe, Asia and Africa

Working for your keep in a hostel is a good way of cutting down on expensive accommodation costs and circumventing local employment visa requirements. Though it can be a grey area many hostels are willing to provide unpaid work in countries where avenues for paid employment are closed.Read More
Articles on working and volunteering worldwide

Workers of the World #6

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world.Read More

#FF Ultimate Train Challenge

Typically more comfortable than buses and with far less of the increasing hassle it costs to fly, train travel is rated by anyone sensible as the best way to get around.Read More
Lagos. The Algarve, Portugal

Samantha Milner: Why I Live In… The Algarve

Samantha Milner lives the dream life with her husband Dominic and son Kyle as expats in southern Portugal. She talks to us about her life in the Algarve.Read More