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Living in Port Douglas

Alyson, James, D and Boo: Why We Lived in… Port Douglas

Alyson from Wales met Australian James while on holiday in Egypt. After moving in together in London they travelled the world, had a D and a Boo, and have since set off on their second round the world trip – this time with the whole family in tow. In between they lived in Port Douglas. Alyson tell us more:Read More
Tolga Bat Hospital Volunteer

Make Banana Smoothies for Bats in Queensland, Australia

Making banana smoothies for the furry flying mammals is one of the many tasks assigned to volunteers at the Tolga Bat Hospital. Situated in a Queensland forest valley, volunteers are needed all year round for a minimum of one month. Other tasks include trips to the rainforest to release or capture the bats.Read More
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

J M Cressman: Why I Live in… The Sunshine Coast

J M Cressman and his girlfriend were lured to the Sunshine Coast by the many reciprocal agreements between Australia and Canada. Already well versed in sports and activities from his studies and work in Canada, he enjoys the outdoor life in his new Queensland home.Read More
Working Holiday Competition in Queensland

Win a Working Holiday Visa and a Guaranteed Job in Queensland

Young travellers, aged 18 to 30 currently have the chance to win one of 18 working holiday visas and a guaranteed job in Queensland.Read More
The A to Z of Gap Year Travel

The A to Z of Gap Year Travel

If rumours of the gap year’s demise are true then this post will go mostly unread as students instead forego a break between A levels and university to avoid the rise in tuition fees. Plenty though will either worry about the financial hangover later or consider a year out a worthwhile investment in their future.Read More
Jobs Abroad and Working Overseas

Jackaroo Job in Queensland’s Outback

This job is available on a remote cattle station in North West Queensland where the work involves cattle mustering, fencing and general station work. Accommodation and meals will be provided.Read More