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Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas: Enjoy These Repeats 2015

Another year has passed and as usual we celebrate the birth of a baby 2000 years ago with another batch of repeats in the time honoured fashion of Christmas TV.Read More
Christmas TV repeats

Merry Christmas: Enjoy These Repeats 2014

In our continued celebration of seasonal tradition we once again present our-couldn’t-be-arsed-to-do-something-new-for-Christmas post by serving up another bunch of repeats just as the TV channels are want to do over the festive period.Read More
Susan Griffith, Work Your Way Around the World

Travel Hall of Fame: Susan Griffith

Though its roots go much further back, The Working Traveller in its current blog format turned four years old yesterday. It is no exaggeration to say this site would not exist had I not once picked up a copy of Susan Griffith’s Work Your Way Around the World.Read More
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Enjoy These Repeats 2013

This is now the fourth Christmas we have celebrated as editors of The Working Traveller and we have as little intention of being original or hard working on this day as we did in 2012, 2011 and 2010. This means once again we are keeping to the tradition of repeats so loved by TV channels over the festive period. In this way we can scoff loads of roast potatoes, punish the brandy and fall asleep in front of the TV in garish knitwear.Read More
Teaching English in Spain

¡Pelead en Inglés, POR FAVOR!

I haven’t had much chance to read too many books on this trip as we have spent so much time static in Chiang Mai. We are now on the move again making our way to Singapore and with movement comes time to read. I’m currently enjoying Jeremy Dean’s Zen Kyu Maestro: An English Teacher's Spanish Adventure. Read More
Christmas Repeats 2012

Merry Christmas. Enjoy These Repeats 2012

Once again we serve up cold second hand fare in what is becoming a Christmas tradition to rival that posh woman who seems to be on the TV every year. This started a couple of years ago when in an effort to do something Christmassy while putting as little effort into the task as possible I came up with the inspired idea of writing about things I had already written about.Read More
New York blogs and websites

A Week in New York – Blogger’s Guide to New York

We thought of doing a guide to New York but after careful reflection decided: nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these travel bloggers roaming the world otherwise? Read More
Reviews of travel books and gear

Review: Spanish-English Gastronomic Dictionary

One fear we don’t have but others do is being presented with a menu in a foreign language. Read More
Reviews of travel books and gear

Review: The Gap-Year Guidebook 2012

What a treat it is to hold a brand new book in your hands. Second hand and electronic versions do not bring the same tactile sensation to be had with handling a new book, so it was a pleasure to be sent a copy of The Gap-Year Guidebook 2012.Read More
Twitter 10 Recommended Reading

The Best of the Twitter 10

Our ten favourite travel articles that we tweeted about... ever.Read More