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Living in Port Douglas

Alyson, James, D and Boo: Why We Lived in… Port Douglas

Alyson from Wales met Australian James while on holiday in Egypt. After moving in together in London they travelled the world, had a D and a Boo, and have since set off on their second round the world trip – this time with the whole family in tow. In between they lived in Port Douglas. Alyson tell us more:Read More
iPhone and Android apps for travel

How Our Digital Devices Have Affected our Lives as Expats and Long Term Travellers

Our mobile devices took on added importance yesterday when someone asked out of the blue if we wanted to sell our home in Turkey. We have been thinking of moving on - though not for a year or two yet - and the question got me thinking more seriously about what we would do with our possessions and how much could be left behind in favour of digital alternatives.Read More
Bolivian Flag in La Paz

#RTWsoon: Brendon Vince

Brendon Vince is currently in Guatemala but when we spoke to him he was in the last stages of planning his exit from Montreal, where he had for the past two years been working in the video games industry. A 26 year old Australian and self confessed nerd, Brendon caught the travel bug while travelling throughout the US and Canada and more recently got his first taste of backpacking and hostel life when he was in Los Angeles and San Francisco for a week.Read More
Travel in Southeast Asia

#RTWsoon: Will Young

Travel has pretty much been the goal for 18 year old Will Young for many years. Last summer he travelled around Bulgaria, Thailand and Laos, but has also had the opportunity to travel to a wealth of other countries in the past, including Iceland, China and Egypt. Until recently he worked in a ventilation factory in the UK to pay for his next adventure.Read More
RTW soon with Amy and Andrew of Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

#RTWsoon: Amy & Andrew

In 2009 a month backpacking around Thailand inspired British couple Amy and Andrew to start saving for a much longer journey that will begin in March 2013. After meeting people who were in the midst of their own incredible round the world adventures they decided to make travel their priority.Read More
Round the world travel

9 Years Since I Slept in my Lunch, 10 Years Since we Flew to Peru to Begin our RTW Trip (Photos of our 2002/3 RTW Trip)

Nine years ago today I was snoring face down in my lunch in preparation for boarding the flight home to the UK. After 364 days on the road our trip ended in a drunken slumber outside a Bangkok restaurant.Read More
Round the world travel: Bangkok, Thailand

#RTWsoon: Ed Rex

Ed Rex is a twentysomething deaf Yorkshireman currently in Chiang Mai but when we caught up with him not so long ago he was still looking forward to the adventures to come on his around the world journey. Read More
Travel around the World

#RTWsoon: Angie & Jenke

Jenke (46) and Angie (39) are a travel blogging couple from Cologne, Germany. They both work in the media: Jenke is a TV reporter and Producer, working for Germany’s largest private television company and Angie is a PR Manager for a German Airline. Read More
Hong Kong

#RTWsoon: Henry Lee

43 year old Henry, from Vancouver, has worked in astronomy for almost 20 years and lived in four countries on three continents. With a need to do something different he made the decision to leave his job and plans to travel around the world for the whole of 2012.Read More
RTW Travel

#RTWsoon: Sara Grazia

Sara, based in the UK, turned 30 this year and has been living with her partner for three years. She has spent the past five years in her current job and realised she wants out of the rat race and that life is going past far too fast for her liking.Read More