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Living as an expat in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Big John: Why I Live in… Sihanoukville

A few months ago Big John, who runs a guesthouse, restaurant and bar in Sihanoukville, irked a few of his potential customers when he left a negative comment to Chris of Backpacker Banter’s post, 10 Myths of Backpacking Travel. It was suggested that although John is entitled to his opinion Chris’s site wasn’t the place for it, so we thought to offer him a forum here and ask him about his life on the Cambodian coast.Read More
Jobs in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and Western Australia

Readers Letters: Working in Australia and Cambodia

Most of the working abroad posts we feature on The Working Traveller are researched, ‘how to’ type pieces. Though I have plenty of travel tales to tell it is a rare day when I have not been able to duck out of sight when physical labour is mentioned. Read More