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Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Sinai, Egypt

A photo of a Bedouin guide taking a photo of a tour driver in the Sinai, Egypt.Read More
Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: Camels Hex my Camera, Aqaba & Sinai

Bad travel photos of Camels in Aqaba, Jordan and in the Sinai, Egypt.Read More
The Treasury. Petra, Jordan

The (not quite) Cairo to (almost) Istanbul Trip Highlights (in Pictures)

Now we are back we are attempting to wean ourselves away from writing solely about our recent adventures. However, for the rest of this month though I’m taking a last chance to indulge ourselves and show some pictures of our travels. I learnt a long time ago our friends ain’t interested but the advantage of having a website is I can force them on to you.Read More
Visit Egypt

A Good Time to Visit Egypt?

Despite being a textbook example of how peaceful protests can lead to the removal of a despised dictator, the recent events in Egypt have severely damaged the tourist industry and dented the economy.Read More
Climbing Mt Sinai

The Man Who Went up a Mountain… and vowed Never to go Near One Again

Which idiot it was decided that shlepping up a steep vertical incline for half a day would be a good idea is confined to history and will form the basis of arguments for years to come. Read More
St Katherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt

Photo Feature: St Katherine’s Monastery

Enclosing itself protectively around the alleged site of the burning bush, God's chosen media to communicate with Moses, St Katherine's Monastery shares the distinction of being one of the world's oldest working Christian Monasteries. Read More
Sphinx in Giza, Egypt

4. Before the Bombs

Hello. We left the stress of Aswan and Luxor behind for the far more relaxed Dahab. Read More