Photos of People Taking Photos of… Songkran

It can be a gamble whipping out your camera or phone during Songkran but these people were prepared to risk the ruination of their photography equipment to capture the watery madness that is New Year in Thailand. We in turn jeopardised damaging our third camera in Southeast Asia to photograph them doing so.

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Tips for Enjoying Songkran

You’re armed to the teeth with the biggest water gun you could find and ready for some watery mayhem but want to make the most of what might be a once in life time experience. The great thing about Songkran is it is for everyone: young and old, male or female, Thai or tourist, everyone has a laugh and enjoys themselves. Here is our guide to the polite mayhem Thais call Songkran.

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11. Another New Year

Hello. Observant readers will have noticed that there wasn't a May issue so we intend to have two June issues this month to make up for it. We've been back in the UK a couple of days, recovering from the shock of receiving nearly two months email in one shot, and are trying to find a home and get back to reality.

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