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English Teaching Assistant Jobs Abroad

3onFriday: 3 English Teaching Assistant Programmes Abroad

If you are willing and able to get out in front of the students and teach your own language, several governments around the world will welcome you with open arms to their country and put some money in your pocket too. We’ve picked out three varied countries where you could soon find yourself spending up to a year as an English language assistant.Read More
Tourism in Majorca

Making Every Moment Count in Marvellous Majorca

Majorca is one of the Mediterranean’s star attractions, and it’s easy to see why. This island boasts elusive coves, craggy mountains and eye-catching architecture, not to mention a habitat geared around not just meeting, but surpassing the expectations of its six million visitors a year. Read More
Live in Seville

Karen McCann: Why I Live In… Seville, Spain

“Living abroad is an opportunity to reinvent yourself that rarely exists outside the witness protection program,” says author and travel writer Karen McCann. “You get to hit the reset button on your life.” She and her husband have journeyed to nearly fifty countries, including many developing and post-war nations where they volunteered as consultants to struggling microenterprises. Read More

Working and Holidaying in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the prettiest places in the world, and as such has no shortage of visitors. There are so many things to do and see in this small island, that a weekend really doesn’t do it justice. That’s why it can be a perfect place to have a working holiday. You can enjoy more time in this paradise, while making money at the same time. Here are just a few of the many pastimes to do in Gran Canaria, along with working opportunities to help pay for all those activities.Read More
Living in Barcelona

J R Duren: Why I Live in… Barcelona

J R Duren is a copywriter, published author, award-winning journalist and the creator of As the Bro Flies. With his wife Heather and their dog Charlie he has lived in Barcelona since August 2013.Read More
Work exchange volunteer jobs in backpacker hostels

Hostel Jobs Worldwide: 347 Hostels & Guest Houses Open to Volunteer Work Exchanges – Part 1: Europe, Asia and Africa

Working for your keep in a hostel is a good way of cutting down on expensive accommodation costs and circumventing local employment visa requirements. Though it can be a grey area many hostels are willing to provide unpaid work in countries where avenues for paid employment are closed.Read More
Workaway Cave House and Hotel Work Exchanges

9 Volunteer Work Exchanges in Cave Houses and Cave Hotels in Spain, France, Turkey and Jordan

We have written about volunteering in cave hotels already after we stayed in one in Turkey a few years ago. The owner told of his need for volunteer staff and one of our readers later applied for the position and sent us a report of his experience volunteering in Cappadocia. Read More
English language summer camp jobs in South Korea, Spain, France...

Work Abroad at English Language Summer Camps

Last Friday we highlighted working in summer camps but other countries also have summer camps but with the focus for participants centred more on learning English rather than sports and outdoor activities.Read More
Teaching English in Spain

¡Pelead en Inglés, POR FAVOR!

I haven’t had much chance to read too many books on this trip as we have spent so much time static in Chiang Mai. We are now on the move again making our way to Singapore and with movement comes time to read. I’m currently enjoying Jeremy Dean’s Zen Kyu Maestro: An English Teacher's Spanish Adventure. Read More
Living in Barcelona, Spain

Jessica Bowler: Why I Live in… Barcelona

24 year old British-American girl Jessica Bowler answers our questions on living in Barcelona. She works as a translator and freelance travel journalist, and blogs at Hola Yessica, which is named after how people in Spain pronounce her name. Read More