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Travel temper tantrums

Get in Touch With Your Inner Jerk: Keeping and Losing Your Cool on Your Travels

Fed up with being pushed around and discriminated against for being foreign, mild mannered Clark Kent has taken off his glasses and the inner jerk is taking charge. Read More
Getting followed by hostel touts

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Follower

New in town, you know where you want to stay and have shook off the Meeter & Greeters. Only problem is you still have to get to your choice of accommodation and... Is that guy following us?Read More

99 Reasons to be Afraid of Travelling

From vaccinophobia (the fear of vaccinations), via alektorophobia (fear of chickens) to the fear of returning home (nostophobia), we list 99 phobias you are more likely to confront while backpacking.Read More
Hostel Touts

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate:The Meeter and Greeter

Get off a bus or train in some towns and you will be treated to a rapturous reception. Everyone wants to know your name and business and, most especially, where you will be staying in their town.Read More
Sphinx in Giza, Egypt

4. Before the Bombs

Hello. We left the stress of Aswan and Luxor behind for the far more relaxed Dahab. Read More
Karnak, Luxor, Egypt

2. Dancing with the Touts

Hello. It didn't take long after landing in Cairo to realize we weren't going to get much relaxation. This is the most hasslesom country we've ever been to. Almost the whole of Egypt seems to be involved in the hassle industry: taxi drivers, hotel touts, shop touts, restaurant touts, caleche touts, felucca touts, even toilet touts.Read More
Peter Finch: I’m not gonna take this anymore

The Chicken Dance

I’m being polite with the title. As I mimed pulling down my trousers, through the red mist the thought went through my head: how did it get to the f*ck me up the arse dance?Read More