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Pudding Shop Map, Istanbul

Travel Hall of Fame: The Pudding Shop

For many travellers in the late 1960s and early 1970s the journey east really began in Istanbul. Though the hippy trail may have begun in a New York bucket or cross Channel ferry and ended in several places on the sub-continent, such as Kathmandu or Kabul, the route’s choke point was Istanbul.Read More
Ephesus, Turkey

Photo Feature: Ephesus

Turkey’s most popular beer is named after Ephesus. I only mention this because, after an expensive week in Istanbul, my informal accountant had started clamping down on unnecessary spending.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Selimiye, Turkey

A photo of Selimiye, Turkey.Read More
Living in Cappadocia

Duke Dillard: Why I Live in… Cappadocia

A happy family man for the past 17 years, he had a normal white, middle class childhood in suburban America and at age nine had a significant encounter with Jesus Christ that still impacts his life today. Though he and his family have already spent many years living in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Ankara, they are fairly new residents of Cappadocia and tell us more about living there.Read More
Volunteer Work in Turkey

Volunteer Work in Turkey

Unlike Latin America or Europe, volunteers looking for pre-arranged or ad hoc volunteer work won’t find the opportunities quite as bountiful in Turkey. Nonetheless, from street art festivals to the ANZAC Day commemorations via organic farming or cave hotel work, the variety of intriguing volunteer options in Turkey makes up for the lack of quantity.Read More
Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: Turkcell and the Polis, Diyarbakir

A good little traveller I had turned off my Turkish phone on boarding the plane to the UK. I realised my mistake immediately even though I had made it many months before when I chucked the password in the bin without memorising it.Read More
Olympos, Turkey

Photo Feature: Olympos Trip

I wanted to return to Olympos before we had left. We’d been lured there by the idea of living for a few days in a treehouse and though the fairly comfortable reality of this didn’t match the primitive expectation we both fell for Olympos.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Kaş, Turkey

A photo of Kaş, Turkey.Read More
Living as an expat in Okcular, Turkey

Alan Fenn: Why I Live in… Okçular

Born in 1944, Alan Fenn grew up on the Isle of Sheppey before joining the army at 18, by which time he’d already had three jobs. He recently spoke to us about his life in Okçular, a village in southwest Turkey.Read More
Mt Nemrut, Turkey

Mt Nemrut: Meh

Sitting indoors at sea level on a fairly warm day my views on Mount Nemrut have softened a little. At the time the fallen idolatry ranked as one of my biggest travel disappointments but I can now look on the photos taken on the mountain with at least some affection.Read More