Mt Nemrut: Meh

Sitting indoors at sea level on a fairly warm day my views on Mount Nemrut have softened a little. At the time the fallen idolatry ranked as one of my biggest travel disappointments but I can now look on the photos taken on the mountain with at least some affection.

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Photo Feature: Cappadocia

The Cappadocian landscape produces one of life’s ‘wow’ moments. Deirdre - a foot shorter than me - had been admiring the scenery out of the crowded bus window for about ten minutes. Had I attempted to bend down for a peek I would have head-butted another passenger in the chest so I had to delay the gratification.

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#TravelTuesday: Turkish Expat & Travel Bloggers

Expats in Turkey are particularly active bloggers. Some of these blogs I know well, others were discovered while researching this post. They range from inane yet entertaining fluff detailing personal insights into the minutiae of living in a particular town to thoughtful, in-depth political discourse or all-encompassing guides to the Turkish nation.

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