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Feeding the Carp in Golbasi Park, Sanliurfa, Turkey

Feeding the Flames That Turned to Fish in Gölbaşı Park, Şanlıurfa

We spent most of our time in Şanlıurfa hanging around Gölbaşı Park. Squabbling between ourselves and time wasting appointments led us away before we were done with the place so we returned several times.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Diyarbakir, Turkey

A photo of men debating the issues of the day in Diyarbakir, Turkey.Read More
Bodrum, Turkey

Jack Scott: Why I Live in… Bodrum

Jack Scott is a freelance writer and author. In 2009, he relocated to Bodrum with his partner, Liam, starting the Perking the Pansies blog which quickly became the most popular blog of its kind on that side of the Aegean.Read More
Didim Camel Wrestling Festival

Photo Feature: Camel Wrestling in Didim

Within minutes of arriving at Didim’s inaugural camel wrestling festival the fists started flying. Anyone familiar with wrestling will know that a wrestler may not hit their opponent with a closed fist and camels don’t have fists anyway. Read More
Travel in Cappadocia

Photo Feature: Cappadocia

The Cappadocian landscape produces one of life’s ‘wow’ moments. Deirdre - a foot shorter than me - had been admiring the scenery out of the crowded bus window for about ten minutes. Had I attempted to bend down for a peek I would have head-butted another passenger in the chest so I had to delay the gratification.Read More
#Travel Tuesday

#TravelTuesday: Turkish Expat & Travel Bloggers

Expats in Turkey are particularly active bloggers. Some of these blogs I know well, others were discovered while researching this post. They range from inane yet entertaining fluff detailing personal insights into the minutiae of living in a particular town to thoughtful, in-depth political discourse or all-encompassing guides to the Turkish nation. Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Mt Nemrut, Turkey

A photo of Mt Nemrut, Turkey.Read More
Living in Didim, Turkey

Natalie Sayin: Why I Live in… Didim

Natalie Sayin is an internet addict with a passion for the country of Turkey. Deciding to combine the two, she formed the Turkish Travel Blog; her diary of the places she visits, people she meets and the sometimes awkward scenarios that she manages to get into. She tells us more about her home in an Aegean resort town in the south west of Turkey. Read More
Travel in Turkey

March is Turkey Month on The Working Traveller

This month is dedicated to our adopted homeland, Turkey. Read More
Volunteer Work in South America

11 Cheap Places to Volunteer in South America & My Favourite Architecture – the Apollo Temple: Our Guest Posts on Art of Backpacking & Tend To Travel

My guest posts at Art of Backpacking and Tend To Travel.Read More