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London from the air

Vanishing London

London is, and always has been, a vortex of perpetual change. The 7 million people that live in the city today are presented with a volume of commercial, technological and cultural choice that dwarfs any other period in its history.Read More
London Olympics 2012

Volunteer at the London Olympics in 2012

The public is invited to volunteer as a ‘Games Maker’, taking on either a general or a specialist role. The majority of volunteer roles will be generalist and require no qualifications except passion and enthusiasm for the games.Read More
Raise travel funds through volunteering for medical trials

Raise Funds for Travel by Volunteering for Medical Trials

The rewards for participating in a trial can be lucrative. Example remunerations include £3000 for a 28 day residential study of a new drug being developed for the treatment of chronic pain.Read More
Cheap Ways to Volunteer with Animals

12 Cheap Ways to Volunteer with Animals

Whether cuddly or creepy crawly everyone has a favourite animal. From bats in Australia to Wolves in America, here are 11 opportunities to work with animals and one chance to work for them (cats).Read More
Jobs Abroad and Working Overseas

JobSpy: Seasonal Jobs in the Scilly Islands

Seasonal jobs available of the islands of Tresco and Bryher, two of the five inhabited islands of the Isles of Scilly, found 29 miles south west of Lands End, Cornwall, UK.Read More
Sphinx in Giza, Egypt

4. Before the Bombs

Hello. We left the stress of Aswan and Luxor behind for the far more relaxed Dahab. Read More
We are house hunting

1. Homeless

December 2005 to January 2006 – UK to Egypt

Hello. We’re off travelling again and, this time, we are looking for a home. On our return from our travels around the world a few years previously we were lucky to find somewhere to live in Wales, in my Dad’s newly bought two bedroom cottage. He needed a tenant and we needed a home without having to pay an expensive deposit so things worked out well for all of us. But, though he still worked and lived in Essex, we knew eventually he would want his home for himself.

We had been planning a trip to Central America but thought we had better find somewhere to live first – if only for somewhere to shove all our crap, as we call our furniture and belongings...

Read More
Angkor, Cambodia

11. Another New Year

Hello. Observant readers will have noticed that there wasn't a May issue so we intend to have two June issues this month to make up for it. We've been back in the UK a couple of days, recovering from the shock of receiving nearly two months email in one shot, and are trying to find a home and get back to reality.Read More