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The A to Z of Gap Year Travel

The A to Z of Gap Year Travel

If rumours of the gap year’s demise are true then this post will go mostly unread as students instead forego a break between A levels and university to avoid the rise in tuition fees. Plenty though will either worry about the financial hangover later or consider a year out a worthwhile investment in their future.Read More
Cheap Ways to Travel Around America

Travelling Across America on the Cheap

Driveaways and rideshares have replaced hitchhiking as the cheap way to get around the United States.Read More
Jobs Abroad and Working Overseas

JobSpy: PGL Recruiting Now for Short Term Ski Reps

Unlike most other ski tour operators PGL don’t offer full season ski employment. The maximum work period is four weeks with most reps choosing to sandwich in a couple of weeks’ work in between their normal employment.Read More
Volunteer at festivals in the USA

3 Summer Music Festivals in America Looking for Volunteers

I recently spotted a tweet from Matador about 10 Summer Music Festivals in the USA and it got me wondering, how many of those festivals would give me a free ticket if I was willing to help them out?Read More
Raise travel funds through volunteering for medical trials

Raise Funds for Travel by Volunteering for Medical Trials

The rewards for participating in a trial can be lucrative. Example remunerations include £3000 for a 28 day residential study of a new drug being developed for the treatment of chronic pain.Read More
Cheap Ways to Volunteer with Animals

12 Cheap Ways to Volunteer with Animals

Whether cuddly or creepy crawly everyone has a favourite animal. From bats in Australia to Wolves in America, here are 11 opportunities to work with animals and one chance to work for them (cats).Read More
Fruit Picking Jobs Worldwide

Summer 2010 Fruit Picking Work Round up

For skint travellers, with (or without) work visas, willing to work harder than I did thinking up the following pun here is our pick of the crops for summer 2010.Read More