The Best of the Twitter 10

The Best of the Twitter 10

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted… ever.

This month features: @suzyguese, @amateursAfrica, @brendanvanson, @unbravegirl, @wanderingearl, @mobilelawyer, @AliAdventures7, @adventurouskate, @onestep4ward, @fearfulgirl

We are making a few minor changes on The Working Traveller. One of these involves scrapping the Twitter 10. As such, and because it is the end of the year, we thought now would be a good time to list our ten favourite articles. The articles below have been chosen not just from 2011 but from when we started this column in August 2010.

Travel Lessons from a 5,000 Year Old Iceman
Suzy Guese writes a completely original piece about Ötzi, whose ice preserved body is displayed in The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. Though he travelled too soon to visit the Pyramids or Stonehenge, Ötzi is reminiscent of today’s backpackers and almost all that we know of him is garnered from the contents of his luggage. (August 2010)

Don’t Shoot
Travelling isn’t all puppies and pie. Sometimes there’s some full on nasty shit going on. This recount of a night in Mozambique involving attempted sexual assault, drunken police and planted drugs is a real breath holder. (September 2010)

The Last Time I Ever Got Robbed
While mulling over whether to blow five days budget on cigars, Brendan van Son gets into a tricky situation in Panama. The twist at the end is laugh out loud funny. (September 2010)

From Solo to Social: the Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Making Friends on the Road
Unbrave Girl Sally tries to make friends in the Cameron Highlands by smiling like a maniac and eating as much bacon as she can. (September 2010).

The Day US Customs Found a Bullet in my Pocket
Returning home from a trip that included a visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan Earl Baron came through customs with a book of the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed, a burqa, some Osama Bin Laden confectionary and a bullet. (October 2010)

Worst Dorm Night Ever… and my Revenge
After a bad night in Cartagena, Colombia, Michael Hodson, a lawyer who should know better, exacts a revenge on his obnoxious German dorm roomies. (January 2011)

My Twitter Love Story
From pixels to Prague, Ali describes her blossoming relationship via social media with Andy of Grounded Traveler. (February 2011)

Adventurous Kate Gets Shipwrecked in Indonesia
A traveller’s nightmare on the sea turns into a blogger’s dream post when Adventurous Kate is washed ashore on a dragon inhabited island. (May 2011)

The Night My Friend Sh*t On His Passport
Billy thinks up a crap way of protecting his travel document. (August 11)

When Travel is Shocking
Despite her liberal, open minded upbringing Torre is initially shocked by the highly unusual grandparent grandchild interaction she witnessed on a remote Pacific island. (November 2011)

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  1. Earl

    Many thanks for listing my post up there with all of the others! I guess my ‘incident’ was well worth it in the end considering that it made for an entertaining story 🙂

    1. Well you know the advice about packing light: take half as much luggage, twice as much money and leave the ammo behind.

  2. Sally

    Thank you much for including me. I’m happy to hear you have changes afoot, but what’s this about getting rid of the Twitter 10?! Say it ain’t so. The Twitter 10 is my favorite! (Especially since you often mention me in it.)

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