The Blogpacker Review #2

The Blogpacker Review #2

Useful Resources & Articles about Travel Blogging and Social Media.

Last month in the first Blogpacker Review we stated that one of the things we noticed about the travel blogging world was how friendly it is. This month we begin by getting in a circle and chanting ‘fight, fight, fight’.

Mike Barish seemingly having had enough of writing his usual fluff pieces at Gadling, squared up to Nomadic Matt, claimed it was nothing personal and aimed a dirty kick to the knads with his article On Long Term Travel Snobbery and Judgmental Blogging.

Mike thought that Matt had been mouthing off at the Huffington Post about how great it was to travel long term. At only 29 Matt had no right having opinions and certainly not such un-American ones as wanting to travel for more than two weeks a year.

While the cowboys were slaughtering the Indians on the comments at Gadling, round the world bloggers retreated to their own domains to fight a spirited defence of long term travel. Others, such as the Nerdy Nomad, started looking at themselves and wondering about the fine line between bragging and inspiring.

Usually these rows move onto Twitter where 140 characters can be 136 too many for some. Though it must surely be easy to improve on four letter words Twittercism provides some advice on writing the perfect tweet. More tips to improve the Twitter experience are provided by Mashable.

If tweeting well raises your following to more than 2000 then it may be time for some follower management to combat Twitter’s new rules to reduce spammy following.

Established tweeters will be familiar with the #traveltuesday hashtag but for those that aren’t here is some advice on how to participate in Travel Tuesday. Same same but different is #followfriday.

Thursday’s reason to ignore the real world is Travellers Night In, a growing virtual event started by ZipSetGo where anyone interested in travel answers 10 questions on a travel related topic such as spicy travel, festivals or animal encounters. Transcripts of the event are put together by @adventurouskate and @campersonne.

With Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays devoted to Twitter alone we should have made a number of Twitter BFFs but could perhaps use some advice on avoiding social media marketing overload. Otherwise our family may need to know what happens to your Twitter account when you die.

Moving back to blogging Andy Jarosz asks why write a travel blog in the first place?

Writing for pleasure is one reason. Travelling and taking photographs or keeping a journal have long been close companions. But blogging has allowed the expansion of our audience from just ourselves, close family and friends to anyone interested, that can speak our language and find us on the internet.

For others – and without wishing to re ignite the Mike Barish, Nomadic Matt argument – travel is a passion that a nine to five job can interfere with and thoughts can turn to testing a digital nomad lifestyle and making a living from blogging.

It’s the reason why Wandering Earl has been working 90 hours per week. We start by choosing a name for our travel blog, learn the travel blogging basics and before you know it we’re trying to write hypnotic headlines and are spending hours looking for wordpress plugins that increase traffic to our blogs.

And should we succeed the reward is in finding the perfect office.

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  1. Adventurous Kate

    Thanks for including me on the list for both #TNI recaps and choosing a name for your travel blog! I appreciate it very much.

    1. No problem. I appreciate the recaps more now as I don’t get to join in with TNI. My football team tends to be playing in Europe at the same time.

  2. Adam

    Thanks for the Link Luv..back eons ago, I used to do these types of review posts on another blog of mine which was not a travel blog. It would seem what was good for a marketing type blog might also be good for a travel blog.. perhaps it is again time to start.
    Anyway, I luv the flow of your review..and it looks like there are a ton of great travel bloggers to network.

    1. I was struggling a little to explain #tt and #ff so I was very glad to find your site and the advice you give.

      1. Adam

        I am so glad to have been of assistance. I have had trouble explaining the use of hashtags to clients. Please let me know if I can assist you in any other way.

  3. Campersonne

    Thanks a million for the mention! Looking forward to seeing you at #TNI !

    1. Once my team gets knocked out of the Europa League, or whatever the stupid competition is called, I’ll see you there too.

  4. Earl

    I appreciate the mention above! This is a wonderfully unique and informative style of post!

    1. No worries. Your site has been one of my favourite reads lately. We hope to be travelling the region ourselves soon (touch wood, finger crossed, avoid the cracks in the pavement) so am particularly looking forward to reading about your impressions on the Middle East.

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