The Blogpacker Review #3

The Blogpacker Review #3

Useful Resources & Articles about Travel Blogging and Social Media.

I have a confession to make: I don’t get facebook. I’m sure if I said this to you at a party you would be slowly inching away from me, but then the chance that you would actually be at a party must surely be pretty remote what with all the blogging, tweeting, stumbling, facebooking and linkedining going on in your life.

Keeping up with all these social media tools is a commitment but one that doesn’t always extend to actual people as Caroline Eubanks found out. When brief but intense shared experiences faded she got dumped by her backpacking buddies on Facebook.

Shannon O’Donnell didn’t even get that far. After a couple of days in the company of three other backpackers in Australia she was summarily rejected as a facebook friend. I’m sure neither Caroline or Shannon sucked at Facebook, they were just learning the difference between real life friends and travel friends.

Did I mention that I don’t quite get StumbleUpon either? Brendan van Son was the same but he figured out how to use StumbleUpon to effectively generate traffc.

Twitter too was a mystery but, with some surprise, I now find I actually quite enjoy using it. Interacting with a computer can sometimes turn me into a snarling, foul mouthed beastie but my Twitter Cuss O’Meter rating is 100 per cent clean so I must like using Twitter.

I rarely do any of the 10 things you need to stop tweeting about and don’t think I am one of these 12 people you’ll meet on Twitter. It must be these things that attracted my Twitter Fans (come on, give us a hug @wanderingearl, @makeshiftalisha, @johnnyvagabond, @grrrltraveler, @jasminewanders) to me.

What with all the blogging, tweeting, stumbling, facebooking and linkedining it is surprising that any of us make it out into the world to do any actual travelling.

Thom and Sean know what I’m talking about. They wrote recently about blogs and facebook and tweets oh my – keeping up with travel writing whilst on the road

As they venture further into their travels they will come to discover more of the hazards of travelling and working online and the need for balancing work and travel.

Returning home brings with it its own problems. Caz at yTravelBlog learnt how to deal with a lack of inspiration, motivation and writer’s block and Dave and Debra provide some tips to keep your blog running when not travelling.

Pamela MacNaughton knows that working from home is both awesome and horrible and recommends 4 ways to beat the couch. Monkey Brewster laments that even though he is not travelling long term yet there is a bit of a gap between what he would like to do and what actually gets done in a day in the life of a mid level blogger.

It seems that the simple answer to keeping on top of the blogging, regardless of where we are, is to get anti social, end your distractions and cease with the tweeting, stumbling, facebooking and linkedining. That’s going to be hard.

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  1. Caz Makepeace

    Thanks for including a link back to us. I know what you mean. Twitter has overtaken all of our lives!

  2. Shannon OD

    Thanks so much for including me in the roundup of blogs last week! 🙂

  3. Tara

    This is hilarious! I think I have actually had people slowly inch away from me when they learn I don’t have a Facebook. Gasp! Sadly, I think I will be forced to concede if I ever want my poor little blog to grow. Good read, thanks for sharing!

  4. Rebecca

    I am an loud and proud advocate in the anti-FB movement! I have years of reasons to back it up.

    If people back away because of it, then I don’t want to know them anyway.

    The other links are great!

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