The Blogpacker Review #6

The Blogpacker Review #6

Useful Resources & Articles about Travel Blogging and Social Media.

Disclaimer: The opinions in this piece are our own because no one thought we were important enough to be offered free trips or lady favours in return for our endorsement.

It has been a while since the last Blogpacker Review. Though we always intended to make this an irregular column, with no set dates and absolutely no intention of adding to the pressure of our writing schedule, the gap between #5 and #6 has been long enough that we feel the need to offer an explanation.

We’ve been travelling. Writing a blog about travel we sometimes feel it is a good idea to get out there and, you know, travel. Some of you may even be aware that we have been somewhere but others, curse you, have no idea that the Blogpacker shaped indent in our favourite chair has been sans Blogpacker for quite some time.

Much like some of our friends after our first year long around the world voyage you may be vaguely aware that we haven’t been around for a while, but could swear surely it has only been a few weeks at most since you last suffered this loosely cobbled together collection of links masquerading as an article.

One of the countries we had been knocking about in until fairly recently is Jordan where quite astonishingly we didn’t trip over one of the gaggle of travel bloggers promoting the country on behalf of the Jordan Tourist Board.

The JTB have seen their profile raised by the resulting social media and blogging attention, as Leslie Koch reports in her interview with the Jordan Tourism Board’s Nayef al Fayez.

Unlike seemingly every other tourist in the country at that time we didn’t score free travel – we paid our own cash money to visit Jordan. Perhaps we should be showing a bit of leg and offering our services to other countries neighbouring civil disorder and violence. Once I have got more advice on getting invited on press trips I’ll shoot off an email to France and Ireland.

Other writers are more choosy though. Pam Mandel is happy to say no to press trips when the occasion merits it and to rant against bloggy entitlement (You get free hookers? Woohoo, I love my job).

While on the road we could have learnt the lifestyle of a minimalist digital nomad but my ever swelling pack was evidence this is not for us. However, like Anthony and Kelsey, we did discover the pitfalls on travel writing and blogging on the road.

Now we’re back the challenge is different. We have to focus on how to keep our travel blog running when we’re not travelling. The rather disappointing plan we have come up with is to cobble together a collection of links into… oh.

One thing we missed while away (by missed I mean made no attempt to buy tickets and attend) is TBEX ‘11 where travel bloggers rioted over a lack of coffee and poor AV. No, hang on. That was to do with something called hockeyball. (I have absolutely no clue what AV is? Perhaps that makes me a naïve travel blogger)

Poor Vancouver. First they endure a week where every conversation starts with ‘when I was in…’ then the place gets trashed by their own angry hockey fans.

Seeing as we missed TBEX I’ll have to look into promoting this blog another way. Perhaps we can join a Triberr where members retweet each other’s posts.

With my own oddly accented tribe at my back I won’t have to rely on Lonely Planet retweeting my post or do anything to make travel editors like my blog.

I could unite the triberrs and become King of the Hash Tags like #TTOT, #TNI, #TravelTuesday and #FollowFriday.

Or perhaps I’m just taking this way too seriously and the more realistic route to becoming a top travel blogger is hard work and guest blogging. We could gain links to our blog by participating in link exchanges or by joining the interview merry go round.

Maybe the Blogpacker will never become one of the cool kids, and become successful in either blogging or life.

Instead we’ll have our heart crushed and grow up disillusioned into the sort of scumbag that leaves spam comments on your travel blog.

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