The Blogpacker Review #9

The Blogpacker Review #9

Useful Resources & Articles about Travel Blogging and Social Media.

It has been almost a year since we last could be arsed to put together a random collection of links and pretend we were offering insight into the world of travel blogging and social media.

We have missed stories such as Instagram’s attempts to claim the rights to your photographs, and Fox New’s criticism of the Runaway Guide for supposedly encouraging teenagers to run away from home, but have been able to join in the backlash towards Adecco.

If you don’t know the background to this story, Adecco, the large multi-national employment agency, recently launched a marketing campaign aiming to help young people prepare themselves to enter the workforce and achieve their ambitions. So far, so good, and it might have stayed that way had they not thwarted the ambitions of Turner Barr, who for the past two years has been building his brand Around the World in 80 Jobs.

The Blogpacker has always been a little leery of travel bloggers branding themselves (which might explain our utter lack of readers) but still listened to Turner’s claims Adecco stole his “entire brand, image and web personality” by slapping a trademark on his blog’s name.

For an objective view of the situation read Tnooz’s take: Intellectual property mayhem: the curious tale of two travelers, a quirky idea and a corporation.

Not to be outdone the Blogpacker Review has decided to claim the work and identity of every travel blogger we can think of beginning with Turner Barr™ himself. Matt Kepnes™, Earl Baron™, Sally Thelen™, Anil Polat™, Dave and Vicky™, Stuart and Eloise™, JR Riel™, Dave Dean™, Lauren Juliff™, Maria Falvey™, Amy and Andrew™, Alissa and Dan™, Ariane and Bassel™, Rebecca Arnold™, James Clark™: all your base are belong to us™.

As the numerous negative comments to the botched attempts at an apology show on Adecco’s Way To Work Facebook page their plan of a) let’s steal someone else’s hard work and b) hope no one notices has backfired just a bit and there may soon be a few vacancies in their public relations department.

(We would be are happy to assist them with filling these openings via our Jobs Abroad Bulletin and also to replace the ‘creative’ types who ‘came up with’ their Way to Work Campaign. But here’s an idea: why not hire Turner™? He seems to know how to garner support in a social media campaign.)

If dealing with the fallout from a public relations disaster doesn’t sound a great way to spend your day, far better daily routines have recently been won (and announced as having done so) in Tourism Australia’s Best Jobs in the World competition. Congratulations to the winners: Andrew Smith, Allan Dixon, Elisa Detrez, Gregg Snell, Roberto Seba and Rich Keam; and also to Tourism Australia for showing how to run a social media marketing campaign correctly.

Adecco have since apologised to everyone’s satisfaction – including to some elephants – and settled with Turner and that’s the end of that. Right? Well, no. Adecco were facing another backlash from the losers that took part in their competition by not announcing the winners (though they have now done so).

Meanwhile, some of the pitchforks raised against Adecco have turned around and been directed towards Turner Barr™ himself. No stranger to soliciting donations herself, Christine Now I’ve Made it Big I Don’t Give a Toss About the Rest of You But if You Could Fund my Documentary That Would be Great Gilbert™ – who seems wonderfully naïve in not knowing Turner was using us all as leverage in his negotiations – took a break from posting pictures of her children online to jump off the bandwagon and raise some of the loudest shouts.

As the spiteful Blogpacker is more unsociable media we are hoping it’ll all kick off and we can enjoy a blogger spat to match Nomadic Matt v Gadling™ (Matt lost a leg in that one), Nomadic Matt v his readers, Nomadic Matt v Michael Hodson™ (Matt didn’t even know about that one) and Nomadic Matt v the Volcano.

Speaking of Michael Hodson and back to plagiarism – though on a far smaller scale but nonetheless amusing – brings us to the attempt by James/Bob/AssHat to steal Hodson’s photograph and enter it into Rail Europe’s Picture Perfect competition.

Back to soliciting, it was amusing to receive an unwanted email from the now defunct Travellll’s John O’Nolan™ promoting his new blogging platform. The Blogpacker wonders how many people that have been on the end of his tired and emotional, cunt sweary rants also received similar implorations.

Away from the insularity of the travel blogging world, social media has also been used to organise protests against Turkey’s increasingly dictatorial leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Reggie is a long established botherer of social media so most Turks and foreign expats are adept at getting around the restrictions with VPN software. Even Turkish President and AK Party ally Abdullah Gul has admitted in the past to getting around internet restrictions this way; perhaps so he can watch pirate movies.

The Blogpacker expects to find restrictions on the use of Twitter, Facebook and perhaps YouTube when it finally returns home to Turkey later this year, so if you find this column a waste of space then we suggest you offer your support to Recep™ – even if we do own him now.

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  1. Michael Hodson

    Smiling. Many smiles. This made my up-way-to-fucking-early-to-think morning today. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Shane

      Glad you liked it, Michael. And I’m also glad I spotted your tweets in the first place.

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