The Differences in a Street in Turkey and Britain

The Differences in a Street in Turkey and Britain

This parasol has been sat in the middle of our road for the past few weeks. A big summer umbrella wouldn’t last three hours, let alone three weeks, in the same position in the UK before some form of officialdom took an interest.

Here, in Turkey, it is possible the police put it there to begin with. There was a cop car around the first time I noticed the parasol. At the time I assumed the police officers were visiting the shop outside which it stands to buy some bread. On reflection, perhaps they were commandeering this umbrella from the shop owner to plonk down in the middle of the road for their own mysterious reasons.

I have thought before how a street in Turkey is different in many subtle ways to a similar street in a similar sized town in Britain. The difference is in the lack of instruction or command. Yellow lines and signs with parking times are rare in our town. Here the communal bins enjoy a freedom British bins enclosed within their road markings can only envy. It is not uncommon to walk 20 yards to dump our rubbish one week, or schlep another 50 the next as they are routinely moved up or down the street.

My suspicion is that much of this is due to the lower level of car ownership in Turkey. Those cars that are owned are parked anyway they please, usually either on or nowhere near the pavement.

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