The Ins and Outs of Finding Work on Tenerife and Lanzarote

The Ins and Outs of Finding Work on Tenerife and Lanzarote

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The Canary Islands were once known as the Fortunate Islands; they earned the name for good reason. They are a winter free Nirvana boasting an almost perfect climate which attracts nearly 10 million visitors each year.

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  1. JAKE

    Hi there i enjoyed reading your article and found it interesting but i have a question in your opinion is there still plenty of work available throughout the winter in the tourist areas like bar work, dish washing pr’s etc i would appreciate any info you can forward thanks.

    1. Shane

      Anything is possible but your opportunities will be severely limited. Resorts don’t have enough local workers in the summer so they recruit abroad or from elsewhere around the country. There isn’t the need in winter.

      We live in a resort in Turkey and though foreigners can’t work here many of the people who work in the bars and restaurants come from the east of the country. During the winter most places shut down and the staff go home for six months (to sleep, they say). A few places stay open but the few workers remaining are drawn from local workers and the pool of people who were there during the summer.

      It’s much better to try to find work in the Spring, before the new season starts. Or maybe try a ski resort?

  2. Eliana

    Hello I’m interested I volunteering in animal sanctuaries in Tenerife.

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