Spare bed in a room

The Spare Bed Wardrobe

I almost never use a traditional wardrobe and I suspect many other long term travellers also prefer the more linear way to store both clothing and the detritus that accumulate over a few days’ stay in a room.

Tomorrow’s outfit, other worn clothes that haven’t passed their smell-by date, headphones, chargers, maps and free newspapers, random plastic bags, toiletries, flyers taken from the hands of touts, and towels are all amongst the items that are either pulled from a bag or picked up over the course of our short term residence in town

Once we are ready to move on these items are sorted through, packed or thrown for moving on to a new room where we hope we will have a spare bed wardrobe.

The Spare Bed Wardrobe

This photo was taken in Gliss Hotel and Spa.

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