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The Twitter 10: April 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @digidrift, @footprintssarah, @almostfearless, @adventurouskate, @irishpolyglot, @unbravegirl, @umarket, @VagabondQuest, @jasminewanders, @bkksmackdown

Origin of Budget Travel – Was Gemelli Careri The Orignal Backpacker?
‘Delhi belly’, ‘pancake trail’ ‘Lonely Planet’ and ‘gap year’ were all terms yet to make it into the (not invented) dictionary when Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri took his big trip in 1693.

Pretending Not to be a Backpacker
Though less yucky than Jeff Goldbloom’s metamorphosis into a fly, London Sarah tries to disguise her gradual change into Backpacking Sarah.

India and the Battle of the Trash
Christine wishes her rubbish would go to a far away place but has to go with the flow when it becomes clear it isn’t.

My Guesthouse Fell Into the Lake
99 times out of one hundred you would be correct when calling out a Tuk Tuk driver as a big fat fibber but on this occasion Adventurous Kate gets it wrong: her guesthouse really wasn’t open any more.

Communicating Without Words – My Fun Non Spoken Train Ride in Inda
Despite not sharing a common language Benny the Irish polyglot manages, with the aid of a Rubik’s cube and a camera, to communicate non verbally with a train carriage of Indian passengers.

Less Crazy, More Pants: What I Packed This Time Around
Before Hollywood makes it into a movie, read Sally’s packing list for China in its original blog post form.

From Mezze to Mansaf: Eating Our Way Through Jordan
Like us, Audrey and Dan seem to have eaten their way through Jordan recently. Unlike us they seem to have made efforts to burn off all those calories with activities, sightseeing and generally doing stuff.

Woken by Explosions at 5am in Honduras
Mistaking the noises outside for gunfire, Dina and Ryan awake to learn about the very uncivilised Honduran practice of celebrating events and festivals in the early hours of the morning with fireworks, loud music and banging together pots and pans.

What Happens to Thieves in a Cohesive Colombian Neighbourhood
Jasmine witnesses a chase scene in a Bogota barrio.

Getting a Cab in BKK
I don’t tend to remember my dreams but I’m sure a regular one involves a colourful and constantly revolving wheel to which is fixed a great variety of cheesecake and donuts. In another dream I chase a taxi driver down the street with the intention of inflicting moderate violence. Perhaps Megan shares that one too.

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