The Twitter 10: August 2010

The Twitter 10: August 2010

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @unbravegirl, @Ayngelina, @suzyguese, @hyperren, @Brendanvanson, @velvetescape, @nevendingvoyage, @brookeschoenman, @matadornetwork, @globetrooper

Unbrave Girl on Board: Life on a Malaysian Sail Boat
One of the funniest and most unusual blogs around at the moment, the Unbrave Girl covers those neglected niches of sandpapering the bathroom of a boat and rice paddy weeding.

The Difference Ten Years Makes
Once sceptical that her thirties would be better than her twenties, Ayngelina reflects on what her 23 year old self would think of her now.

Travel Lessons from a 5,000 Year Old Iceman
Suzy Guese writes a completely original piece about Ötzi, whose ice preserved body is displayed in The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. Though he travelled too soon to visit the Pyramids or Stonehenge, Ötzi is reminiscent of today’s backpackers and almost all that we know of him is garnered from the contents of his luggage.

5 Typical Tourist Things I Do (and Not Ashamed to Admit!)
Ren Robles mans up and admits to five guilty pleasures and cardinal sins the rest of us don’t like to ‘fess up to. He even likes to eat a crafty burger at MickyDs. Burn him!

The Photo Vulture: 5 Steps to Avoid Becoming a Bird of Prey
If Ren went around shoving his camera into peoples’ faces I am sure he would admit that too. Crystal Street sees it all the time and confesses to have been a photo vulture on occasions herself. In this piece she offers some advice on being sensitive to others when taking photographs.

Failed Photos: the Ones I Saved
Keith, editor of Velvet Escape, is more guilty of taking failed photos. He’s deleted thousands of them but saved this batch after he decided they were accidental masterpieces and thought he could get a clever article out of it.

The Benefits of Selling Everything you Own
A why to rather than a how to article that we considered rather timely when, on returning from our visa run, we found the Turkish authorities had changed the visa regulations.

The Gringo Tax
In Thailand, the farang pays it; in China, the laowai; and in Turkey it’s the yabanci tax. For travellers to Central and South America the two to three times extra foreigners pay for everything is called the gringo tax.

Beginner’s Guide to Dumpster Diving
Over a long trip the gringo tax can add up to a significant sum. For those that return home with empty pockets Kate Sedgwick offers advice on dumpster diving.

How to: Access Free Accommodation
Looking beyond couchsurfing, Globetrooper Todd examines six others ways to get your feet under the table for free.

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