The Twitter 10: August 2011

The Twitter 10: August 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @fearfulgirl, @positivetravel, @wanderingearl@umarket, @onestep4ward, @chickybus, @turkishtravel, @vagobond, @CareerBrkSecret, @toddwassel

What Happens When Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure is Over
Have sex with midgets but don’t get married to a sweaty faced drunkard is Torre’s advice.

Haggard or Well Travelled?
Elise compares appearances in her party pics and her travel photos.

Long Term Travel: Does Nationality Play a Role?
Earl stirs up healthy debate on whether our nationality is an important factor in pursuing our travelling dreams.

My Big Fat American Passport
The stats and stories behind  Audrey’s beefed up passport.

The Night My Friend Sh*t On His Passport
Loving his passport perhaps slightly less is Billy who came up with a less than brilliant idea for protecting his travel document.

The Woman Who Gave me Her Bracelet…
Why it is the people you meet that makes travelling so rewarding.

My Short-lived Membership of the Elite Turkish Housewives Club
Natalie has her elite status revoked and doesn’t mind a jot.

Understanding Ramadan in Morocco and the Muslim World
Vago explains why hungry and thirsty cigarette deprived Muslims might be a wee bit snippy this month.

Crappy Travel Photos: Who Do You Trust With Your Camera
Jeff proves you can’t spot good photographers just by looking at them.

A Night with a Sri Lankan Gangster
Whisky Todd declines the offers of multi racial prostitutes to spend a night with the rich and criminally powerful in war time Colombo.

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  1. Natalie

    I have missed half of these posts and the headlines are so alluring. Thanks for the mention!

    1. No problem. I enjoyed the insight into those accomplished and intimidating Turkish women. I’ve long held a theory that Turkish men only spend lots of time at tea houses because they are chased out of the home for making it look untidy.

  2. Jeff

    Thanks for including my post. It’s one of my favs too.

    1. I am usually on the other end of the camera and have often wondered how my shots turned out. I suspect I now have the answer.

  3. I never thought I would see Sri Lankan gangsters, The Turkish Housewives Club and soiling your passport all in the same post.

    As always some great reads, something to aspire to being included in the list!

    Love the blog, regards


    1. I’ve just taken a look at your site and like what you are doing on The Departure Board. I am sure you will be included here sooner or later and have subscribed to your RSS feed to increase the chance.

      I’m thinking of shaking this feature up a little by requesting readers nominate their own selections. At the moment I must miss hundreds of good blog posts each month because I’m not subscribed to their RSS feed or following them on Twitter.

  4. Lisa @chickybus

    Thanks so much for including me on this list! I’m happy that more people will now be exposed to the story re: the wonderful woman/family I met in Panama and her/their generosity. It’s what I love most about traveling!

    1. I couldn’t agree more (though the food gives people a run for their money).

      Thinking about it, I like nice people that give me food.

  5. Thanks for including my story! Although the way you describe it maybe it is better if it doesn’t get spread around the internet too much 😉

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