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The Twitter 10: December 2010

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @migrationology, @spunkygirllogue, @DangerousBiz, @almostfearless, @suzyguese, @gomadnomad, @thegringostarr, @livingdreamrtw, @MatadorNetwork, @velvetescape

Egyptian Hospitality: Grand Arrival in Cairo
Migration Mark finds that first impressions can be deceiving when the external sternness of an Egyptian is quickly melted away by the internal warmth of the average Egyptian.

Florence Nightingale & How I Almost Became a Mongolian Bride
On her last day in Ulaanbaatar patching up a Mongolian mugging victim gets a little complicated for Pamela when her patient proposes to show his affection by slaughtering an animal for her.

Traveling as One Half of a Couple
I love Poi and Kirsty’s kooky (did I just type ‘kooky’) photos of themselves in this guest post and on their own blog. Among their advice is: ‘Just because you are a couple does not mean you can’t spend time with other people. (Just don’t sleep with them)’.

How to Make Your Own Documentary
Christine Gilbert’s fascinatingly geeky insights into the technical side of making a documentary.

Solo Female Travelers and Airport Security
Suzy Guese has a rant about travellers being subjected to full body scanners AND invasive pat downs by power tripping airport security goons.

Cruising Down the Amazon: Your Guide to a do-it-Yourself Amazon Boat Trip
Noel Lau provides some tips for getting into the rhythm of taking a journey down the Amazon from the Brazilian river port of Manaus.

Nazi Ghosts in the Jungle
You don’t need Nazis to spin a good tale but it never hurts as the Gringo Starr discovers on an unexpected day trip to Martin Bormann’s house in San Ignacio, Paraguay.

Air Con Wars in Bangkok, Thailand
Ah, we travel to explore new cultures and meet interesting new people and then, as Jeremy Jones finds out, we remember what irritating gobshites other people can sometimes be.

How to Ask For One More Beer in 50 Languages
Let’s be honest, this will probably be the most used phrase during our travels.

Why Geography Matters
Keith Jenkins encourages geographical knowledge.

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2 comments to The Twitter 10: December 2010

  • Stephen  says:

    Great list! Thanks for including GoMad Nomad’s Cruising Down the Amazon article!

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      No problem. I love river journeys and regret that we didn’t get up to Manaus when we were in South America.

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