The Twitter 10: December 2011

The Twitter 10: December 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @brendanvanson, @wanderingearl, @nefootsteps, @mobilelawyer, @mygaytravels, @JohnnyVagabond, @groundedtravelr, @Wanderingtradr, @aussieontheroad, @suzyguese

I Was Robbed… I’m Going to Puke
We have laughed along with Brendon’s escapades several times before in this column but, sadly, on this occasion there is no happy ending.

Why I Don’t Panic When My Backpack Goes Missing
A more positive experience is had by Wandering Earl, who regularly mislays his belongings without mishap.

Getting scammed in Shanghai… And my Revenge
Two con artists push things just that little bit too far for Lauren’s liking.

Travel, Change, and Social Conscience – Why I Currently Wouldn’t be Traveling to Egypt
Like Michael Hodson we have recommended visitors head back to Egypt after the fall of Mubarak. Here he explains why he has changed his mind and delves into the complexities of the Third World Guilt Trip.

Home for the First Time After Coming Out… Part 1
Going off on extended travels can be a life changing decision and the person that returns back home can be different to the one that left. Obviously travel didn’t change Adam’s sexuality but he has returned to his hometown ready to present himself in a new way.

Having Fun with Electricity in Honduras
Continued life or personal hygiene? Johnny Vagabond weighs up the options each time he takes a shower in Central America.

Traveling with Books
The bibliophile’s guide to reading on the road.

Getting Smuggled into Somaliland
Marcello arrives in the unrecognised country courtesy of the President’s personal advisor.

How Travel Bloggers Talk About Sex
Guest writer Will Peach talks about sex, baby.

Checking Out the Supermarkets of the World
Aside from death and taxes we all share grocery shopping in common. Suzy Guese spots that supermarkets are among the best places to see cultural differences.

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