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The Twitter 10: January 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.*

This month features: @mobilelawyer, @umarket, @Ayngelina, @amateursAfrica, @wanderingearl, @unbravegirl, @adventurouskate, @johnnyvagabond, @InspirngTrvlrs, @501places

Worst Dorm Night Ever… and my Revenge
After a bad night in Cartagena, Colombia, Michael Hodson, a lawyer who should know better, exacts a hilarious revenge on his obnoxious German dorm roomies.

Four Years on the Road: It all Began with a Frozen Pork Butt
Though we’ve heard all too many stories about beginning the trip of a lifetime by running around Prague trying to offload frozen pig products to the neighbours, we decided Audrey and Dan’s tale was the best of the bunch.

How to Watch Football Like an Ecuadorian
Educational as well as amusing. Grab a beer and learn lots of lovely new Spanish words that you couldn’t possibly repeat to your mother.

How to Beat a Bribe
From feigning ignorance to asking for a receipt the African amateurs divvy up ten tips to avoid greasing corrupt palms.

How to Travel Overland to Iraq (Kurdistan)
Starting in Syria, Earl presents a step by step guide to getting across the border, via Turkey, into northern Iraq.

Unbrave Girl Gets Real: In Search of an Authentic Travel Experience
Now we don’t feel like such a big scary stalker after not including an article from Unbrave Girl for the first time last month, normal service is resumed with the inclusion of this post that provokes thoughts of what is authentic travel.

Adventurous Kate Goes to a Bangkok Ping Pong Show
With a post title that sounds like a porn movie in itself, Adventurous Kate finds herself targeted during a humourous visit to Bangkok’s adult entertainment district.

A Beer Run by the Ganges
Getting around an Indian holy town’s prohibition laws leads to an unusual intervention for Johnny Vagabond.

Travel with Arm Lymphedema: An Unwanted Accessory
Most of the posts we’ve featured this month made us laugh. This isn’t one of them.

The Seven Deadly Sins and Why Travellers are Bound for Hell
Andy Jarosz brings us all back down to earth with a guilty bump and provides us with between six and eight reasons why we are all going to burn in the eternal fire of damnation. Bummer.

*Disclaimer: our internet connection has sucked recently and we may not actually have tweeted all of these posts. Though, if we could have, we would have.

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9 comments to The Twitter 10: January 2011

  • Audrey  says:

    So glad that my story of offloading a frozen pork butt at the start of our around the world journey won the pork butt prize! Found some other great reads that I had missed along the way. Thanks!

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      The story wouldn’t have had such a tragic ending had we been your neighbours.

  • Ayngelina  says:

    Wow thanks so much for including me.

  • Sally  says:

    Glad to see the stalking has continued right where it left off. (I understand… we all need to take a break from our hobbies. I stopped eating cookies last month — true story!). Thanks, as always, for including me!

  • Andrea  says:

    Thanks so much for including us! Happy to report that John is going well with his arm, even in the sticky Northland, NZ heat.

  • Earl  says:

    Considering I wrote a guide that, most likely, nobody will ever use, I certainly do appreciate you including it above! Many thanks!

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      I’m still optomistic we’ll be able to put your guide to use ourselves. Of course I still have to pursuade Deirdre that northern Iraq is a safe place to visit but the work of bloggers like yourself and your travelling partner Anil all go some way towards achieving that.

      The New York Times have pitched in too including the region in its 41 places to go in 2011:

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