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The Twitter 10: July 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @unbravegirl, @noplacetobe, @LivingIF, @onurwaytravel, @rtwdave, @ShannonRTW, @groundedtravelr, @JohnnyVagabond, @foxnomad, @vagobond

Super Sized Me: The Big Girl’s Guide to Surviving Asia
What fool isn’t a fan of pancakes and dumplings? Not Sally who weighs up the advantages of being bigger than most of the female population of China.

Getting my Anus Inspected in Bangkok
Poi already had mixed feelings about Bangkok. Then, after some ball fondling foreplay, he got bummed.

The Bus Ride From Hell
Every long trip will have at least one hell ride. At least the rain washed away much of the vomit on this one.

Living Abroad Made me Appreciate my Parents
Sasha’s parents weren’t too thrilled when their baby decided she’d like to travel around Asia and move to Shanghai. But time and distance have allowed both generations to understand each other better.

Anatomy of an Armed Robbery in South America
Dave talks us through his recent experience of getting robbed at gunpoint in Medellin, from stickup to dealing with the police, before ending on an upbeat note.

A Little Creativity… The Tools of a Travel MacGyver
Shannon joins Patty and Selma in her admiration for inventive secret agent, MacGyver. God knows what airport security think when they see on the X-ray machine all those wires and tape in her bag.

Facing the Flights Again
Fearful flyer Andy is no longer grounded, at least temporarily, braving six flights for his love.

Gambling? In Thailand?  A Day at the Races
Despite being illegal, Johnny Vagabond spends a day at the races with the police in Chiang Mai.

Haunting Cairo’s Heliopolis District Nearly 100 Years Later: The Baron Empain Palace in Egypt
Anil tells the story of a building that looks like it has been snatched away from Cambodia and deposited in a wealthy area of Cairo.

South Sudan – For Those Who’ve Been Everywhere – A New Country
Travelling to every country on Earth just got that little bit harder. Vagobond welcomes South Sudan to the world.

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6 comments to The Twitter 10: July 2011

  • Shannon O'Donnell  says:

    Cheers and thanks for the mention this month! 🙂 A few of these I hadn’t yet read so I’m clicking over there now!

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      My pleasure. Sounds like we carry a lot of the same things around in our bags. Though I doubt I’m as accomplished in their use.

  • Sasha  says:

    Thanks for including my post!!! It’s a huge shout out to my parents (my Mum’s gonna love it when I send her the link for this post!) And such a lovely writeup summing it up, thanks a bunch! 🙂

    Cheers, Sasha 🙂

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      You’re welcome. I loved that picture of your Dad in China and how it was your Mum that gave you the resolve to stick it out when things weren’t initialy working out.

  • Sally  says:

    Yay, I’m back on the list! As always, it’s an honor to be included.

    For some reason the link isn’t working when I click on it here; not sure why. The link hasn’t changed at all (here it is:’s-guide-to-surviving-asia/ ).

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Always an honour to have you here. Fixed the problem: I think it was the apostrophe.

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