The Twitter 10: June 2011

The Twitter 10: June 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @FearfulGirl, @mobilelawyer, @AliAdventures7, @wanderingearl, @roniweiss, @bkksmackdown, @digidrift, @theaussienomad, @giuliaccia, @jasminewanders

Chased by a Bear – Holy Sh*t I’m going to Die
Guest writer Nancy Sathre-Vogel owes her ten year old son a whopping great next birthday present for distracting a bear that had very recently and dramatically overcome its fear of humans.

Men Travelling with Teddy Bears
Just go and look at the funny picture.

My Biggest Travel Fear
Some people may not think squat toilets are as scary as a great big bear (or a full grown man snuggling up with one) but I’m with the newly married Mrs Couch on this one.

Air-Conditioner Repair… Mexico Style
How many Mexicans does it take to fix an air conditioning unit? Only one but, as Wandering Earl tells us, that is not the whole story.

Roni Goes to Iraq
Roni Weiss makes a spur of the moment decision to extract himself from a potential scam in Dohuk, Iraq

Dani and Megan vs. The Worst Pickpocket in the World
Megan and her friend face down a nonchalantly incompetent thief.

The History and Evolution of The International Youth Hostel – 100 Years and Counting
Jason once again delves into travel history to plot the journey of the youth hostel movement from a German castle to over three million members.

The London Blitz at Aldwych Station
Maybe I’m getting nostalgic for the Northern Line but I’m envious that I’ve never had the chance to enjoy this special tour taken recently by the Aussie Nomad.

When you fall in love in Egypt (and you’re a foreigner)
It is not easy falling in love and as Giulia indicates it is made all the more difficult when done in a foreign culture.

Signs of a Revolution: La Universidad Nacional de Colombia Photo Essay
Jasmine presents pictures of an upcoming political battle in Colombia.

Image courtesy of Throwboy™, makers of speciality throw pillows that cater to a geek audience.

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