The Twitter 10: March 2011

The Twitter 10: March 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @unbravegirl, @ottsworld, @driftingkiwi, @theroadforks, @InspirngTrvlrs, @almostfearless, @chickybus, @ieatmypigeon, @NoPlaceToBe, @SoloFriendly

A Love Letter to China: 5 Reasons I Have a Crush On My New Home
All day pajama wear, a 16 hour working week and a rather lovely couch have turned Sally’s head. Despite a lack of local restaurants serving up stuff with cheese on it, Unbrave Girl has fallen in love with China.

Hotel With a Character
We have felt for the past week we have been living part of another blogger’s recent past. We’ve been given a tour of Wadi Musa’s bakery and briefly been left in charge of this hotel near Petra by Mosleh, the character in the title. Rather than write about all this ourselves we’ thought we’d be lazy and link to Sherry Ott’s articles.

The Destruction of my Home Town – the Christchurch Earthquake
Last month, for comedic effect, we said we’d put Dave in the Twitter 10 every month. He does appear this month but this time it’s for very serious and sad reasons.

How We (Don’t) Fund Our Travels
Akila and Patrick deny any relationship with Paul McCartney and tell us about the old fashioned way they used to finance their journey.

Hostel Jerks: Reasonable or Reason for Revenge
From space invaders to unsupervised pinball children, Andrea and John ponder whether they are getting too old to put up with all the hostiles that seem to be inhabiting hostels.

Drew Vs the Volcano
Having recently whined our way up Mount Sinai, we know how Drew felt when ordered by wife Christine to climb a volcano in Bali.

Travel in the Dark Ages – ie, When the World Was Lower-Tech
Film cameras, paying for phone calls and writing on pulped up trees! Lisa takes us back to the 1990s.

Screw the foreigner
An old but still popular past time played all around the world.

The Thrilling Adventures of Super Boyfriend
Who is this masked man, the saviour of his girlfriend’s camera dropped in a Southeast Asian river?

Ditching Freaks or How to Get Out of Awkward Encounter When Traveling Solo
Not all men are as heroic and lovely as Poi. Some are creeps. Gray Cargill provides some tips to get rid.

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  1. Lisa @chickybus

    Thanks for including my post on this list! I’m so glad that people enjoyed the journey down memory lane to the world of low-tech travel. (For some, it was more like time travel to another realm, I think). The discussion was a great one!

    Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to checking out the other posts….they look great!

    1. I’m old enough to have written postcards but when we couldn’t access the internet on our iPod or laptop in Egypt recently it actually took us a couple of days to realise we could get BBC news on the TV. How quickly we take these things for granted.

  2. Gray

    Aww, I’m honored that you liked my post enough to include me in such good company. Very good collection of articles. Thanks!

  3. Kirsty

    Thanks for including us, he truly is an awesome bf! 🙂

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