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The Twitter 10: May 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @adventurouskate, @Brendanvanson, @chickybus, @foxnomad, @1Dad1Kid, @FearfulGirl, @InspirngTrvlrs, @nomadicmatt, @HeckticTravels, @ytravelblog

Adventurous Kate Gets Shipwrecked in Indonesia
A traveller’s nightmare on the sea turns into a blogger’s dream post when Adventurous Kate is washed ashore on a dragon inhabited island.

Being Shot at in Nicaragua
Brendan van Son receives armed protection against a group of irate, over reacting travel bloggers who haven’t made it into his Top 100.

Cultural Clashes, Dramas and Dilemmas (pt 2)
Lisa presents a second set of scenarios that together cover wife beating, shirking, unwanted attraction, disability, icky food and more.

3 Common Personal Deficiencies That Are Valuable Travel Assets
If it worked for Christopher Columbus it can work for us. Anil spins it around and makes our faults into assets.

Tigger Speaks Up
We could have chosen any post from this wonderful series of interviews that looks at long term travels from a totally different perspective from anything else out there. Nine year old Tigger, the cuter half of 1 Dad 1 Kid, answers the questions here.

Laughing in the Face of Death – Holy Sh*t I’m Going to Die
Sounding a little like timid superheros, Unbrave Girl and Fearful Adventurer team up to present this tale of near terminal laughter.

Tired of Being Tired
From the free breakfast trap to long bus journeys, John and Andrea just need to get some kip.

The Beginning of the End
After five years on the road Nomadic Matt has lost some of his enthusiasm for travelling alone and is thinking of moving to New York. He’ll have to change his name to Semi Nomadic Matt or Settled Down Matt though.

A Scuffle With Honduran Police
Dalene and Peter have a run in with a traffic cone in cahoots with corrupt Honduran coppers.

Being Cool off the Beaten Path
Is flicking through your Lonely Planet while munching a McDonalds on the Khao San Road an authentic travel experience?. Yes it is, say Caz and Craig.

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9 comments to The Twitter 10: May 2011

  • Caz Makepeace  says:

    Thanks so much for the inclusion! Have read a lot of these other posts and really enjoyed them. Great idea for a sharing post.

  • Anil  says:

    Many thanks for including me here and spreading the word that being “directionally challenged” isn’t so bad 😉

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Thankfully my can’t-even-find-her-way-to-the-local-shops-after-20-years mother is well organised. For one moment I thought she was going to take the award for world’s best ever traveller.

  • Brendan van Son  says:

    Thanks so much for including me. I’m glad that everyone is so excited about me getting shot at.

    Keep your heads down,


    • The Working Traveller  says:

      He he. Stealing taxis and getting shot at are all in a days work for you, it seems.

  • Andrea and John  says:

    Thanks so much for including our post =) We’ve gotten a bit more sleep since then but falling back into our old ways, haha.

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      We did our last long bus journey for this trip a couple of days ago but, beside an infinity pool overlooking the sea, breakfast was worth sacrificing a couple of hours sleep today. If only life were always like this.

  • Lisa @chickybus  says:

    What a lovely surprise…thanks so much for this inclusion! I really enjoyed writing that post and am happy that you enjoyed reading it. I’ve read several from the list and thought they were excellent; must check out the others.


    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I love these dilemma pieces. There were at least three posts of yours I could have chosen this month.

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