The Twitter 10: November 2010

The Twitter 10: November 2010

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features:@unbravegirl, @travelswtavel, @whereisjenny, @runawayjane@b4ubackpack, @legalnomads, @globetrooper, @monica530, @TLWH, @travbuddy

Behaving Badly: The Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Bad Traveler
After being threatened with a Malaysian rice farmer we rejected any ideas we had of banning the Unbrave Girl. A good job too. This guide to watching DVD box sets, eating deep fried sausage, sticking to the beaten path and doing bugger all to blend in or learn the local language may be our favourite yet.

Couped Up In Quito
Shortly after writing a post about strange things coming to seem normal in Ecuador, Rachel Tavel gets caught up in one of the most natural things in the Latin American world: a coup.

Why am I considered selfish for traveling around the world?
Considered selfish for living her own life the way she sees fit, Jenny hits back against jealous ‘friends’ who consider it an affront not to believe in the American Dream.

Can you still be sexy and be a backpacker?
Despite being deprived of her sexy undies and LBD, Jane explains why she thinks she looks way better on the road.

How to get to Southeast Asia for less than £100
Aaron, himself in possession of a couple of cheap tickets to Cambodia, provides some simple money saving tips for flexible flyers looking to get to Southeast Asia from the UK.

Help Me Get My Travel Memories Back
Having avoided losing anything of value when travelling, Jodi Ettenberg loses cash, equipment and, heart wrenchingly, two and a half years of photographic memories to burglars on her return to the United States.

Science of Venomous Snake Bites
Globetrooper Todd says he’s gambling that we’ll find this subject as interesting as he does. Feel all Indiana Jones like as he explains the various ways these things can kill and maim us but probably won’t.

The Pressure of Keeping a Secret
Kate McCulley walks the line between the excitement of a new adventure in Southeast Asia and the necessity of keeping it to herself.

How to Avoid Pickpockets When Traveling
A battle of wills ensues between the author, Dave and a gang of razor blade wielding pickpockets on a Jeepney in the Philippines.

Cool and Unique Passport Stamps of the World
From Poker Creek, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina TravBuddy present a selection of passport stamps to stir the soul of our inner nerd.

*Editor’s note – This may be the last Twitter 10 for a month or two. We’re visiting our families in the UK and are on a ludicrously slow connection at the moment and it is taking around 10 minutes to send one tweet!

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  1. Sally

    Awww, shucks, you’re sweet for not banning me. But I thought you were changing the name of this thing? Something more catchy, like: Unbrave Girl’s Wrote Something! (and some other people did too). Thanks, as always, for mentioning me! It’s always an honor to be featured with such great bloggers.

    1. Oooooooooooh, get you with your fancy new website design. Unbrave Girl’s Wrote Something is indeed a catchy title but on reflection (of the distance between Malaysia and here) I’ve decided to keep the current name. This situation may be reviewed if I find myself closer to the Malaysian countryside.

  2. Jenny

    Thanks for mentioning my “Why am I considered selfish for traveling the world” article!!!!

    1. No worries. I don’t think we have to deal with the same sort of pressure to conform in the UK. The American dream seems to be the American curse for those that don’t see their lives panning out a certain way.

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