The Twitter 10: November 2011

The Twitter 10: November 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @manonthelam1, @fearfulgirl, @digidrift, @Brendanvanson, @OasisOverland, @BckPackerBanter, @ottsworld, @travelettes, @HejoMap, @hostelbookers

Kevin from Cork, Ireland… You SUCK!
The Man on the Lam calls out the moronic, culturally insensitive vandalism inflicted on the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh.

When Travel is Shocking
Despite her liberal, open minded upbringing Torre is initially shocked by the highly unusual play between a grandparent and grandchild she witnessed on a remote Pacific island.

A Traveler’s Perspective: The History and Evolution of the Passport
Like many of us I’m sure Jason likes to flick through his passport and admire all the stamps and visas acquired during his travels but here he goes further and traces the origins of our travel document to 5th century BC Persia.

A Night at Costa Ricas Most Famous Brothel
With a bonus night to spend in San Jose Brendan van Son checks into the Hotel del Rey, the city’s largest brothel.

Williams, Our new Bolivian tour leader
A look into the background of Oasis Overland’s latest tour leader that includes childhood elopement against the backdrop of 1950s revolutionary Bolivia.

Travel Friendships – A Unique and Intense Experience
Chris analysis the fluid and often fleeting friendships and romances we encounter on the road.

Travelling With Strangers
Sherry Ott sees Chris’s brief encounters and raises him sharing five weeks in a car with three strangers.

An Ode to the Camper Van
Starting with the once ubiquitous T1 Volkswagon camper van this is a photographic tribute to the inventive lengths a traveller will go to get a free and comfortable night’s sleep in a small van.

The Monday Map: Hejomap
A clever idea that uses Twitter references to plot the location of travellers onto a map. The full map can be found here.

Backpacking Recipes for the #Hostelkitchen – the Entries So Far
With their Backpackers Recipe Guide HostelBookers are tapping into the delight many backpackers experience when confronted with a hostel kitchen.

To be included in next month’s Twitter 10 please post your recommendations in the comments below. I’ll tweet each article and next month add my ten favourite articles to December’s Twitter 10.

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