The Twitter 10: October 2011

The Twitter 10: October 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @umarket, @manonthelam1, @foxnomad, @jasminewanders, @unbravegirl, @InspirngTrvlrs, @hecktictravels, @Almostfearless, @AdvBimbling, @BlkChickOnTour

The Travel Apps of Our Dreams
From having MacGyver in their pocket to tasering touts, Audrey and Dan think of new uses for their smartphone.

An Inconvenient Death
The Man on the Lam can’t get away from a despicable passenger who prioritises ticket refunds and time keeping ahead of a dead woman.

What’s In That Pipe And Who’s Smoking It: An Introduction To Shisha Around The World
I love me some shisha, as does Anil who presents this guide to dispel some of the myths surrounding water pipe smoking.

Losing a Loved One on the Road
For all the concern expressed by family and friends for our safety when we are travelling it can sometimes be forgotten that our biggest fear is losing someone close to us while we are far away. Sadly, this happened to Jasmine recently.

Lost That Travel Feeling: What To Do When Travel Makes You Go “Meh”
Sally finally dumps travel to be with her couch while China proudly looks on as matchmaker.

One Long Travel Day
Andrea and John could be forgiven for feeling the same way about travel after a day like this.

We’ve Forgotten How to Travel
Under packed, over planned and over there, the Hecktic’s tell their readers not to expect any travel tips anytime soon.

Confessions of a Nervous Traveler
Drew Gilbert traces his inner journey from wage slave to someone who is if not quite fearless is at least on the right road.

The Great Tuk Tuk Robbery
Andrew rides knowingly into a familiar Bangkok con.

Tunnelbana Tour: Art In The Stockholm Metro
Terri rediscovers Stockholm’s cool art gallery in the city’s subway system.

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    Great round-up! Thanks so much for including us =)

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    Thanks for the mention…really appreciate it! Now, if only we could get some of the travel apps on our list to market!

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