The Twitter 10: September 2010

The Twitter 10: September 2010

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @amateursAfrica, @MatadorNetwork, @brendanvanson, @unbravegirl, @candicewalsh, @LatinAmerExpats, @wanderingearl, @nomadicchick, @mojotrotters, @artofbackpackin

Don’t Shoot
Travelling isn’t all puppies and pie. Sometimes there’s some full on nasty shit going on. This recount of a night in Mozambique involving attempted sexual assault, drunken police and planted drugs is a real breath holder.

Notes on Having AK-47s Pointed at You
Continuing with the guns theme, Joshy’s hallucinogenic brush with a couple of AK-47s is far more light hearted.

The Last Time I Ever Got Robbed
Another traveller with cojones as big as coconuts is Brendan van Son. He gets into a tricky situation in Panama while mulling over whether to blow five days budget on cigars. The twist at the end is laugh out loud funny.

From Solo to Social: the Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Making Friends on the Road
Fast becoming one of our favourite reads, this month Sally tries to make friends in the Cameron Highlands by smiling like a maniac and eating as much bacon as she can.

P-Mates, for the Girl Who Has Always Wanted to Pee Her Name in the Snow
This could be classed as a ‘special interest’ in some of the more mucky corners of the web. So wrong, yet so funny. Enjoy this before you need a credit card to access it.

Living the Dream With my Feet on the Ground
Reoccurring parasites and repeated bag slashings tone down Rachel Tavel’s dream life in Quito.

How to Rent an Expensive Apartment for a Budget Price When Traveling
Earl Baron passes on a simple piece of advice that could save anyone looking to rent abroad thousands.

Gypsy Wednesday – Hitting the Wall
The Nomadic Chick contemplates a future where travelling may not be as fun as it once was.

Love Letter to Indonesia
Though they haven’t been together for long, Roberto Rocha starts thinking about commitment to his self assured lover that farts in bed.

Overcoming Social Travel Awkwardness Syndrome
Not all travellers are gregarious types. Teresa Gotay admits to once being a bit of a wallflower and offers some tips on how to become a social butterfly.

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  1. Sally

    Wow. Thanks for featuring my blog again! I no longer feel like such a social outcast! Sound like there were lots of great reads this month — I’ll have to check them all out!

    1. They are all worth a read but I’ll be impressed if you find the time to do so between writing those long posts.

  2. Brendan van Son

    Thanks so much for the feature. It’s one of my favourite travel memories and I’m glad that you like it too.

  3. Roberto Rocha

    Now this is some great curation. And what an honour to be included in the list!

  4. Earl

    Many thanks for including my post above along with these other great reads!

    1. I don’t think I can stand another winter in a rainy half deserted Turkish tourist resort so I’ll be putting your tips to the test sooner or later. I’m sure I’ll be owing you a beer in the future.

  5. Michael

    Thanks for including us! Good choices on other reads as well

    1. No problem. I thought Teresa raised an interesting point that must resonate with a lot of people.

  6. Benny

    Amazing! Thanks so much guys! You’ve some how got us mixed up with some top quality travel writers… 🙂

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