The Twitter 10: September 2011

The Twitter 10: September 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @Rickmereki, @foxnomad, @koangirl, @wanderlass, @nakedsushi, @chickybus, @alphadesigner, @JohnnyVagabond, @travelsofadam, @manonthelam1

We have been doing this feature for over a year now and have long noticed that often the same names crop up time and time again. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Often it is a consequence of consistent good writing and ideas that particularly appeal to us.

But there must be plenty of excellent writing that we don’t see because we do not subscribe to the appropriate RSS feeds or are not following the author on Twitter.

So, from now on we are opening up the Twitter 10 to submissions. To be included please submit to the comments below an article posted to a blog or website in the month of September. I’ll tweet each article to our followers and in the beginning of next month add my ten favourite articles to October’s Twitter 10.

Move, Learn, Eat
Director Rick Mereki, cameraman Tim White and actor Andrew Lees combine to produce this visual masterpiece perfectly capturing the travel experience.

How to use Thermodynamics and Light to Get What You Want When Traveling and Everywhere Else
Anil Polat presents nature’s physical laws to help us deter flies, kill bed bugs and save money.

And You May Ask Yourself, ‘How Did I Get Here?’ (Let’s Talk About Privilege Shall We?
Mary Anne confronts the advantages afforded to white, middle class travellers from rich stable countries.

Bedouins of Petra
Liliane is brought into the inner circle of a family at Little Petra, the village near the famous ruins, to spend some time in a furnished cave and immerse herself into Bedouin life and culture.

London Riots Comes to the Ledbury
An American resident in London goes out to dinner and gets caught up in the riots.

Would You Rather…? Game for Travelers (Round 1)
Bedbugs or witchetty grubs? Bites or stings? Lisa puts a travel twist on the ‘Would You Rather?’ game.

Mapping Stereotypes: The Geography of Prejudice
A concurrently funny and serious look at the world through bigoted eyes.

Gear Update: My Blogging Setup
I’m a sucker for posts like these. I do fear though for Wes Nations’s back.

How Far Will $20,000 Take you?
Adam answers the big question… How much does it take to travel around the world?

I Kissed a Ladyboy… And I Liked It
Raymond provides some information about that Thai phenomenon, the Ladyboy, including what they taste of when you kiss them.

To increase your chances of making it into the Twitter 10 please follow us on Twitter: @WorkingTravellr. If you tweet regularly on travel topics we will follow you back.

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  1. Lisa @chickybus

    Thanks so much for including me here once again. It always puts a smile on my face to know that you’ve enjoyed a post. The “Would You Rather…” game was and continues to be a fun one. Hope to do another round soon. Thanks, again…cheers!

    1. I look forward to another round. We’d just gone to Monday to Friday posting so I wasn’t able to participate in the last one.

  2. A very big THANK-YOU for including my post. Big kiss for you! No tongue though…we’ve just met. 😉

  3. Lilliane

    Thank you for the inclusion! It was a special experience and I’m glad people enjoy reading it. 🙂

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