The Vaping Traveller

The Vaping Traveller

This can be an emotive topic so if you don’t smoke, don’t like smoking, and you do not need help with giving up smoking, this short post and infographic aren’t for you.

I used to smoke and still occasionally do. The “occasionally do” in this statement indicates giving up didn’t entirely take but it has been eight years since cigarette smoke last filled my lungs voluntarily.

It can be difficult to resist cadging the odd rollie when in the company of a rolling tobacco smoker but mostly now I confine smoking to a few small cigars on anniversaries and special occasions, at Christmas and New Year – including Thai and Chinese – on my birthday, possibly your birthday; plus the odd nargile when in Turkey.

It was in Turkey where friends first introduced the concept of vaping. They had quit smoking and found it a good way to keep off the fags and recommended it to me as a way to do the same. As it turns out they shouldn’t have been vaping in Turkey, where, according to Dan Marchant of, it is banned.

For me, this is great because I get to write the first rule about Vape Club is don’t talk about Vape Club – not in Turkey anyway. Or Thailand either. Thailand is another holiday destination popular with UK travellers where vaping is not allowed.

In other countries, such as Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland, it is legal to vape but the selling of vaping products is restricted. Clearly a little planning is required to know where you need to take enough e-liquid, spare coils and batteries to last the course of your trip, and where recent non smokers will have to load up on nicotine gum and patches. Vaping travellers will find some tips in the infographic below:

Travelling with a vape device

We ate this week thanks to this post

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  1. Carala jenett

    I think it is a slightly more healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Ultimately, not vaping or smoking at all is the most healthy situation.

    But vaping has cut my costs and I believe my overall habit has been going down.

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