The Working Traveller Finally has a Facebook Page

The Working Traveller Finally has a Facebook Page

We have finally decided to come out to play with the rest of the planet and got ourselves a Facebook page.

I’m not sure why I put this off for so long but I’m glad we have beaten some members of the world’s more remote tribes in signing up for the social medium. Even this family – who less than a year ago were pointing to the sky and wondering just where the hell that big metal bird came from – have a Facebook page and are wondering whether to bother with G+.

Facebook users?
Even they got on Facebook before us

Though we only officially launched our page today, looking at the number of Likes on other blogs The Working Traveller feels like a lonely saddo. Thanks though to Sayra Grissel’s Liking us yesterday we have cancelled our plan to move to a bedsit, buy a cat and eat meals for one in front of the TV.

A wide range of emotions (well, four) have gone into making this page. A week ago I was throwing things around the room and showing admirable restraint in not sending out alternating tweets of self-pity and rage. Then, yesterday, I got that feeling most of you must have felt five years ago when you got your first Like. I felt like Sally Field.

Sally Field gets a Like on Facebook
“I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

There are a lot of things I still need to learn. I’m not quite sure what someone talking about us means or if I’m entirely happy with this for that matter. I don’t even know how to Like someone. If I go to your FB page when not logged in I can see a LIKE button. If I click it I am asked to login. Once logged in, I can no longer see the LIKE button. Things like this would have inspired Joseph Heller but I look for the nearest brick wall.

We are still thinking up ideas how to best use our FB page. Some of the things we do on The Working Traveller may work better on Facebook or prove complimentary to what we do here and on our other sites.

Already added is a feed from our sister site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. All the jobs abroad and volunteer work programmes posted there can now be accessed on our new page.

A much shorter version of our JobSpy column might work well. I’m always spotting and bookmarking jobs abroad on other sites, along with useful links and articles that by themselves won’t suit a full length post here. Perhaps we should put some more of my crappy travel photos there too.

Once we’ve moved beyond the beginner stage and are more comfortable with this new format I’ll set down some ideas on our welcome page. Until then please check out our new page, and make us feel LIKE Sally Field:

Image courtesy Duncan Hull

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