The Working Traveller is heading to Southeast Asia

The Working Traveller is heading to Southeast Asia

We at The Working Traveller have been good boys and girls recently. Since our last trip, through the Middle East, we have largely been staying in and saving our pennies – the price we knew we would have to pay for the adventures had previously.

Initially this was easy. We timed our arrival home to coincide with the beginning of summer, and summer in Turkey is pretty fine. Yesterday I saw a big, black cloud in the sky and wracked my brains wondering just what the hell it was, so long has it been since one has appeared over our town by the Aegean Sea.

Of course, for every up there is a down and the downside here, like most places, is winter. Winter here is no worse – and weather wise is better – than that endured in the UK and northern Europe but I have my reasons why I think winter seems longer in a tourist resort in Turkey.

Overall last winter passed wrapped up in a sleeping bag with plenty to occupy ourselves catching up with our other working abroad websites. But as another summer winds down towards another winter the feet have begun to twitch and googoo eyes thrown towards our backpacks on top of the wardrobe.

We booked our ticket to Bangkok online with only moderate swearing a couple of weeks ago and on January 9 – my Dad’s birthday – we will be winging our way to Thailand. As I write this I’m doing the flying to Thailand dance, a joyful but slightly unseemly jig for rhythmless men advancing in years.

Though it is the promise of exploring Myanmar that drew us to return to Southeast Asia the main plan is to ‘winter’ in the region. We want to keep our costs low and not move around too much but already mission drift is creeping in.

We expect to focus on Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar but this could easily change to where we spend all our time in Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines.

Ultimately we don’t know exactly where we will go and what we will do but this is part of the fun of travelling. We’ll soon be on the road again, woo hoo!

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