The Working Traveller Looks Forward to 2012

The Working Traveller Looks Forward to 2012

In a way this post is for me. You can take a day off from reading this blog if you like because as I am going to explain below I may take some days off from writing it.

I rarely set goals but 2012 will be the year I hope that our overall plan for The Working Traveller and our other volunteer work and jobs abroad sites start to come together.

Initially The Working Traveller started as an experiment to find out about WordPress and this whole blogging thing and has led to the most sustained and regular period of writing in my career. In August we started posting every day – from Monday to Friday – and, astonishingly, have kept up that pace.

(In the past work has at times been something I occasionally stumbled across shaking my head in wonder and exclaiming: ‘my, my – will you look at that!’ before slowly backing away in case it noticed me. In those days in between completing a new project there would sometimes be long gaps occupied by pure thought. Quite hurtfully, those close to me sometimes claimed my strategic thinking looked remarkably similar to doing sod all).

But, having a deadline five days a week, as well as maintaining our sister site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, has not left much time to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Our main site, the Overseas Job Centre is overdue both an update and a redesign and we plan to bring through at least three other related websites during the course of the year. These sites will focus on gap years, career breaks and long term backpacking.

These will all be linked together under the PAYAway brand with The Working Traveller serving as the magazine/blog of all these sites and able to link back to related information found on these sites.

In some ways, by starting The Working Traveller when we did we put the cart before the horse and have ignored our main website to explore this relatively new medium.  Despite this I am glad we did start blogging when we did.

One of the things I have enjoyed is how I have added a more personal touch to my writing. I have been able to incorporate our own experiences from our travels and have fun with words in a way that isn’t always possible with a static website.

Today is Tuesday. From now on we do not plan to post on a Tuesday, or on a Thursday. We do not plan to post on any day. Obviously we still will but I no longer want to be tied to the rigid Monday to Friday posting schedule.

Really this is just a change in how I think. Having announced the change I will no longer feel like I’ve failed if I skip a day to concentrate on matters elsewhere. In truth, the posting schedule that I cleared of all Tuesday and Thursday posts not too long ago has already begun to fill with new ideas but there will be no anxiety if intent and actuality do not always match.

We will still publish a photo on Monday because all travel blogs should have pictures. If you are not enjoying going to work then Monday is a good day to look at a photo of the Greek Islands, Bolivia or Cambodia and to imagine we are there, or soon could be. On Friday we will write an article about working or travelling abroad.

In between will be shorter posts on one, none or all of the rest of the days of the week. One of the tasks I will soon be working on is updating and adding to our directory of working and travelling abroad links. In the course of exploring the web I will highlight my discoveries via our JobSpy column. Some of the regular posts we publish, such as the Twitter 10 and the #TravelTuesday profiles will largely disappear.

Hopefully all this will mean we will have our sites in order in time to take off again on our own travels by the middle to end of this year.

Happy travels in 2012,
Shane & Deirdre

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