The Yavari Project. Puno, Peru

The Yavari Project, Puno, Peru

It is easy to slip past Puno on the way to Bolivia, the Uros Islands and the other, more conventional, islands situated in Lake Titicaca. If you do stop there though it is worth spending a little time investigating the story of the SS Yavari.

Built on the Thames in 1861 the steamship was cut into 2,766 pieces. It took six years for the ship to be transported by mule across the mountains to the lake where it was reassembled and put into service two miles above sea level.

After nearly one hundred years service the ship fell into disrepair until rescued and restored by the Yavari Project. Today the ship is a museum and can be visited daily between 8am and 5pm.

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The Yavari Project. Puno, Peru

The Yavari Project. Puno, Peru

The Yavari Project. Puno, Peru

The Yavari Project. Puno, Peru

The Yavari Project. Puno, Peru

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2 comments to The Yavari Project, Puno, Peru

  • Michael Fowler  says:

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I do hope you can help me i am trying to find out about my great great great grandfathers son George Blaxland he was one of eight engineers that sailed from England on the 28th of June 1862 to accompany and re-assemble the SS Yavari and SS Yapura on Lake Titicaca and died on the 13th of Februuary 1864 and was buried at Isla Esteves. Any information on him would be gratefully recieved.

    Kind regards

    Michael Fowler

  • Joan  says:

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