Tips for Cruise Ship Fitness Instructors: Keep Passengers Ship-Shape While Cruising

Tips for Cruise Ship Fitness Instructors: Keep Passengers Ship-Shape While Cruising

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Stop Your Clients Piling on the Pounds When They Indulge Themselves on a Luxury Cruise

Cruise ship fitness instructors know better than anyone that for many of their clients a cruise is a sure-fire way to gain a little extra holiday weight: the lounging on deck, the extravagant meals, the endless supply of drinks, it can all add up to a worrisome waistline episode once they return home!

However, with your help (and a touch of willpower) a cruise holiday can even become a positive health experience, without the need for your passengers to sacrifice the scintillating selection of goodies and indulgences on offer.

Here’s how you can have your cake and eat it, by allowing your vacationers to enjoy a cruise to its fullest but still avoiding going overboard in the calorie department.

Balance the Scales with Fitness Facilities

Practically every cruise ship will offer an impressive variety of fitness facilities and health suites. This is where you truly earn your keep. For example, Royal Caribbean cruise liners offer state-of-the-art gym and sporting facilities that will allow you to focus on whichever exercises you find best for helping your passengers work up a sweat.

If simply pounding the treadmill isn’t their thing, then fear not, because new cruise liners are incorporating ever more impressive and exciting sports facilities such as whole basketball courts, ice rinks and even climbing walls!

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Outside of the ship’s sports facilities passengers will have the freedom to indulge themselves but by offering that little bit of extra advice your clients can leave the ship in as good condition as when they boarded.

Beware the Call of All-Inclusive

All-inclusive cruises are an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable way to have a holiday. The ability to have what you like, when you like it, without ever having to lift your wallet is about as detached from the choices of real-life as it gets! It’s incredibly easy to order up a midday snack or raft of exciting cocktails simply “because it’s free.”

However… this is where it gets dangerous

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Encourage your vacationers to try as much as possible to only order up something if they truly feel like having it, to avoid sinking into the attitude of simply eating something because it’s available.

Plan Ahead for Big Meals

Planning ahead for the more elaborate meals of the day can really help to avoid falling victim to the lures of all-inclusive overindulgence described earlier. Most cruise ships will make their evening meal menus available early in the day, so they can see what they fancy ahead of time and avoid snacking in order to create a real appetite for it.

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Fortunately, cruise ship caterers are also careful to provide a delectable range of healthy and low-calorie dining options too. Therefore, delicious yet waistline-friendly delights such as fresh fruit and certain seafood dishes can allow eating in an exotic but guilt-free fashion.

Get Out and About

Passengers may think that going for a decent stroll isn’t possible on a ship, even a luxury cruise liner. Fortunately, however, many of them feature a dedicated walking track that rings the outside of the top deck, allowing passengers that chance to have a light calorie-burning walk around the ship.

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Not only is this the perfect way to work up an appetite for a spot of lunch, it’s also ideal for taking in the spectacular view afforded from all angles! Given the size of some cruise liners, a couple of laps can quite easily add up to a mile of walking.

Land Ahoy!

Even when passengers feel like lounging and soaking up the Sun’s rays, always encourage them to consider joining the planned excursions when the ship stops for tours ashore. Not only will they experience the vibrant surroundings of the area, but they’ll be sure to blitz a ton of calories exploring on foot.

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Be it Mediterranean, Pacific or Caribbean cruises, the Tour Director will always have an exciting and unique itinerary of shore-side activities lined up that will be sure to give both body and camera a thorough workout.

So, with just a little prior planning, passengers can get the most out of a cruise without either feeling guilty or that they have missed out. Once settled into an on-board exercise routine and by joining daily excursions, they may even find themselves coming home lighter than when they left!

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